Psychic-Type Other
15px-C.png 270 15px-D.png 180
Accuracy Can't miss
The user relaxes and lightens its body to move faster. It sharply boosts the Speed stat.

Learned By

By Level Up

015Beedrill2 Beedrill: Lv 31 016Pidgey2 Pidgey: Lv 29 017Pidgeotto2 Pidgeotto: Lv 32
021Spearow2 Spearow: Lv 25 022Fearow2 Fearow: Lv 29 025Pikachu2 Pikachu: Lv 37
026Raichu2 Raichu: Lv 40 058Growlithe2 Growlithe: Lv 42 059Arcanine2 Arcanine: Lv 45
077Ponyta2Ponyta: Lv 37 083Farfetchd2 Farfetch'd: Lv 31 084Doduo2Doduo: Lv 37
085Dodrio2Dodrio: Lv 41 107Hitmonchan2 Hitmonchan: Lv 6 116Horsea2 Horsea: Lv 23
118Goldeen2 Goldeen: Lv 47 119Seaking2 Seaking: Lv 56 123Scyther2 Scyther: Lv 17
135Jolteon2 Jolteon: Lv 64 137Porygon2 Porygon: Lv 12 142Aerodactyl2Aerodactyl: Lv 17
144Articuno2Articuno: Lv 36 145Zapdos2Zapdos: Lv 43 146Moltres2Moltres: Lv 15
147Dratini2 Dratini: Lv 25

By Using Move Tutor

018Pidgeot2Pidgeot: Lv 32 078Rapidash2Rapidash: Lv 37 117Seadra2Seadra: Lv 23
148Dragonair2Dragonair: Lv 25 149Dragonite2Dragonite: Lv 25

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