Amaura is a calm creature that lived long ago in a cold land without violent predators. It is a quadruped, dinosaurian Pokémon similar to sauropods. It has a long neck and a short, stubby tail. Above its large, deep blue eyes are two sail structures, which are yellow at the bottom fading into pink towards the tips. These sails have an iridescent appearance. Additionally, the sails change colors to reflect Amaura's mood (green when happy, blue when sad, and red when angry), as seen in Pokémon-Amie. It has a light blue body with a white belly. A single dark blue crystal adorns each side of its body. These crystals permanently remain at freezing cold temperatures, as demonstrated in Pokémon-Amie, where if the crystal is touched, your hand will become encased in ice. While its foreleg lack claws or digits, the hind legs each have a single white nail. As shown in the anime, Amaura have the ability to create aurora.

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