After you get though Union Cave, you should be in Route 33 . Walk to the right of the path and you'll enter Azalea Town.

While your at Azalea Town you'll find some Slowpokes and a Slowking owned by a trainer willing to fight.

Also. You will find some Trainer Battles and the Azalea Town Gym with Slowpoke's Well

Trainer Pokemon Lvl HP number


Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Bugsy spinarak 12 40 forever Bug bite
Bugsy metapod 20 3040 1 Harden String Shot
Bugsy Aradios 30 3435 1 Spider Web Bug Bite
Bugsy Scyther 30 1300 1 Swords Dance Agility Double Team Fury Cutter
Left Man Parasect 25 484 1 Stun Spore Cross Poison
Twin Ledian 20 360 1 Supersonic Mach Punch
Twin Aradios 20 450 1 Scary Face Bug Bite

Please note that you can't put Aradios to sleep because it has the insomnia buff.

Metapod has shed skin

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