Like in the Pokemon RPG game series, you can obtain badges by beating the Gyms in order to participate the Pokemon League. These are the different Gyms in PTD:

40px-Boulder Badge For defeating Pewter Gym, you receive the Boulder Badge (in the Intro of Route 3).

40px-Cascade BadgeFor defeating Cerulean Gym 2, you receive the Cascade Badge.

40px-Thunder Badge For defeating Vermillion Gym, you receive the Thunder Badge.

40px-Rainbow Badge For defeating Celadon Gym, you receive the Rainbow Badge.

Marsh Badge For defeating Saffron City, you receive the Marsh Badge (in the Intro of Saffron Dojo).

Soul Badge For defeating Fuchsia Gym, you receive the Soul Badge (in the Intro of Safari Zone).

Volcano Badge For defeating Cinnabar Gym, you receive the Volcano Badge (in the Intro of Pallet Town).

Earth Badge For defeating Viridian City, you receive the Earth Badge (in the Viridian Ending cutscene/level).

Included in PTD2 but there is only one and not warn you when one wins.

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