000px-HeartGold SoulSilver Bruno

Bruno is a member of the Elite 4 specializing in Fighting-type Pokémon. Bruno Sprite

Appears In

Picture 25
  • Rocket Hideout
    • When you find the Celadon Game Corner closed, Bruno's Hitmonlee appears and kicks Joey through the door. Bruno reveals that he helped you gain entry to the building because he was saving up for a shiny Porygon.
  • Saffron Dojo
    • Bruno occupies the third path with four Fighting-type Pokémon.
  • Route 15
    • Bruno may be seen during the conversation before the level.
  • Elite 4


Bruno's Pokémon
Pokémon Known Moves
057Primeape2Primeape Close Combat
068Machamp2Machamp Vital Throw, Karate Chop
095Onix2Onix Rock Throw
106Hitmonlee2Hitmonlee (Brucy) Rolling Kick, Double Kick
107Hitmonchan2Hitmonchan Sky Uppercut, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Mach Punch

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