Cal is a character that first appears in the intro scene for Route 2. He is originally known as Handsome Man before revealing his real name of Cal. He looks like Norman, the Gym Leader in Hoenn, officially known as Petalburg City Gym.

Cal Route 2
Picture 24

Appears In

  • Route 2
    • Cal orders the Player and Joey to evacuate the city due to orders from Gym Leader Gary. He sends you off to Route 2 in pursuit of Team Rocket, after which he says "Well that was easy, mission complete."
  • Viridian City
    • When Gary arrives, Cal is still standing guard over the evacuated Viridian City. Cal receives instructions to only allow You to battle Gary after he is placed under mind control, as well as to contact a trainer named Gold in Johto if all else fails.
  • Viridian Ending
    • Cal is situated to the left of Gary as he speaks to you during the cutscene.

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