Celadon Gym
Icon for the Level
Previous level Route 8
Next level Team Rocket Hideout
Objective Defend the Rare Candy against Erika's Pokémon.
Money Rate x2


This level begins with you and Joey in Celadon City while Joey sings the Johto theme song. As you and Joey talk about finding the gym leader and releasing her from Mewthree's control, Celebi appears and speaks with the protagonist. Celebi informs you that it has come from the future to save its past self, who is being mind-controlled by Mewthree. The three of you head to the gym and find Erika, who accepts your challenge.

In the level, Joey's Charmeleon and Pidgeotto will attack enemies. Celebi will heal your towers using Celebi's Heal every so often (note: healing only affects Pokémon out of their Pokéballs). These three Pokémon will not be targeted by enemy attacks.


Celadon Gym Strategies


Celadon Gym
  • Waves: 16
  • Spots: 19 (3 Taken)
    • 12 Normal (2 Taken)
    • 7 Grass Only (1 Taken)


Pokémon appear in a counter-clockwise fashion, beginning in the top-left. 2 waves will appear (the gym's Pokémon and then the Celebi) in the same spot before changing to the next counter-clockwise entrance.

Boss Wave
043Oddish2 Oddish 1, 5
044Gloom2 Gloom 1, 7
045Vileplume2 Vileplume 1, 7
069Bellsprout2 Bellsprout 3, 5
070Weepinbell2 Weepinbell 3, 5
071Victreebel2 Victreebel 3, 5
102Exeggcute2 Exeggcute 9
001Bulbasaur2 Bulbasaur 11
002Ivysaur2 Ivysaur 13
003Venusaur2 Venusaur 15
251Celebi2 Celebi 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16