Cerulean Gym 1
Cerulean Gym 1 Official Icon
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Previous level Mt. Moon 2
Next level Cerulean Gym 2
Objective Defend your Rare Candy against Misty's Pokémon.
Money Rate x2

Cerulean Gym is the 10th Pokémon Tower Defense level and the 2nd Gym challenge in the game.

Misty is shown as a great fighter after having defeated both Maruto's Ninetales and Joey's Beedrill. Misty appears to be agitated and is waiting for someone. Joey comes to the conclusion that Misty is also working for Team Rocket.

However, after defeating her she does not give you her badge and she goes to another pool where you, Joey, and Maruto follow her. If you use a Poliwhirl in the battle, an old man stops you and offers to trade your Poliwhirl for his Jynx. When you, Joey and Maruto reach the second pool you find Misty standing on water. It is then revealed that she is, in fact, standing on Kyogre.


Cerulean gym
  • Waves: 20
  • Spots: 5
  • Objective: Defend 10 rare candies


Red Level Encounter Rate Blue Level Encounter Rate
016Pidgey2Pidgey 15 23.5% 016Pidgey2Pidgey 15 23.5%
013Weedle2Weedle 7 24.5% 010Caterpie2Caterpie 7 24.5%
014Kakuna2Kakuna 10 24% 011Metapod2Metapod 10 24%
043Oddish2Oddish 12 27.5% 069Bellsprout2Bellsprout 12 27.5%
063Abra2Abra 10 0.5% 063Abra2Abra 10 0.5%
129Magikarp2Magikarp 10 1.5% (Need Old Rod) 129Magikarp2Magikarp 10 1.5% (Need Old Rod)
124Jynx2Jynx 1 Trade for 061Poliwhirl2 Poliwhirl 124Jynx2Jynx 1 Trade for 061Poliwhirl2 Poliwhirl
098Krabby2Krabby 20 TBA (Need Super Rod) 098Krabby2Krabby 20 TBA (Need Super Rod)
054Psyduck2Psyduck 20 TBA (Need Super Rod) 054Psyduck2Psyduck 20 TBA (Need Super Rod)


Boss Level Waves
116Horsea2 Horsea 15 1,3,5
090Shellder2Shellder 15 2,4,6
118Goldeen2Goldeen 16 7,8,9,10,11,12
120Staryu2Staryu 17 13,15,17,19
121Starmie2Starmie 20 14,16,18,20

Much larger Staryu and Starmie will appear within the last waves of the level.


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The best way to beat Misty is to have these pokemon

Butterfree with string shot

Beedrill with string shot


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