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Cerulean Gym 2

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Cerulean Gym 2
Cerulean Gym2 Official Icon
Icon for the Level
Previous level Cerulean Gym 1
Next level Route 24
Objective Defend your Rare Candy against Misty's Kyogre to receive the Cascade Badge.
Money Rate x1

Cerulean Gym 2 is the 11th level added to the game, and the second part of the second gym challenge. After you beat her, Misty will give you the Cascade Badge.


  • Waves: 1
  • Spots: 2
  • Objective: Defend 10 Rare Candy


Boss Level Move Used
15 Kyogre's Rest


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A good stratagy is to get a pokemon with both Charge Beam (or any move to increase sp. attack) and Thunder .

use Charge Beam (or your move of choice) and when the pokemon has sp.attack up by 6 (max) switch to Thunder .

It will go quicker if you have 2 pokemon like this.

Charge Beam and Thunder are both TM's

Pikachu is an electric pokemon early on in the game that can learn both moves.

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