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Previous level Elite 4
Next level Unknown Dungeon
Objective Beat the Champion!
Money Rate x1

Champion is the 41st level in Pokémon Tower Defense.



As you enter the Champion's Room, you come face to face with a mind controlled Ash Ketchum. Mewthree, using Ash as a channel, curses you for coming this far and challenges you to a one-on-one battle.However, after beating him, the mind control does not break. Then Joey comes into the room with Ash's Pikachu on his head. Mewthree gets enraged and appears before you and claims that he will take everybody with him by the use of some sort of suicidal attack. Just in the nick of time, Mew appears and tell it that, since it is made from Mew's cells, Mewthree is its child. Mewthree finally finds peace and swears to repay for all the damage it has caused. Then Ash and Joey start a musical act of Pokérap, with all the sprites of the 150 Pokémon appearing in the scene (Mew was not included in the Pokérap).


Champion Layout

Waves: 6

Spots: 1

Champion Ash's Pokémon
Pokémon Known Moves
143Snorlax2Snorlax Body Slam
057Primeape2Primeape Karate Chop
018Pidgeot2Pidgeot Wing Attack
007Squirtle2Squirtle Hydro Pump
001Bulbasaur2Bulbasaur Vine Whip
006Charizard2Charizard Flamethrower*

*Charizard's Flamethrower damages itself also.



  • When the level was first released, together with Elite 4 and Unknown Dungeon, a bug would cause the screen to go black a few seconds into the level, essentially freezing the game.
  • The setup of this level is the closest PTD has come to a Pokémon battle like in the official Nintendo games.
  • The Pokerap music can be heard even if music option is turned OFF
  • Although your character says at the end that you should have let him win, losing does not beat the level.