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Cinnabar Gym
Cinnabar Gym Logo
Icon for the Level
Previous level Cinnabar Island
Next level Pallet Town
Objective Defend your Rare Candy from Blaine's Pokémon.
Money Rate x1

Cinnabar Gym is the 33rd level in Pokémon Tower Defense.


The level begins with Pikachu and Kyogre leaving for Pallet Town, preparing for the battle with Mewthree. You, Joey, and Maruto are still on Cinnabar Island when Blaine appears. He reveals that he created Mewthree. He then wishes to train you and challenges you to a battle.

After beating the level you may choose a prize of Shiny Omanyte or Shiny Kabuto. However, if no candy is lost in defeating the level, you are given Shiny Aerodactyl.

Cinnabar Island Layout


Rare Candy: 8 (5 above, 3 below)

Spots: 10

Waves: 10


Boss Pokémon
Pokémon Move Used
037Vulpix2Vulpix Will-O-Wisp
038Ninetales2Ninetales Will-O-Wisp
059Arcanine2Arcanine Helping Hand
077Ponyta2Ponyta Agility
078Rapidash2Rapidash Agility

146Moltres2Moltres (top)

Fire Blast
244Entei2Entei (bottom) Fire Blast


  • In the manga, Blaine created Mewtwo, and in Pokémon Tower Defense, Blaine has created Mewthree.
  • Originally you could get unlimited shiny Aerodactyl by beating the level without losing any candy, but Sam fixed the glitch.
  • Moltres and Entei do not take rare candies and are at level 90.
  • There is a chance for a shiny boss to appear in the level.


Main article: Forum:Cinnabar Gym One thing you can do to win is do this: have a Starmie with cosmic power, recover and hydro pump. a Blastoise, Charizard, because he is immune to will o- wisp, Graveler because he has quadruple effect on Moltres, and a Nidoking with horn drill to beat Moltres. if you do this correctly, Starmie can easily tank Entei's attacks. the key is to make sure Starmie doesn't faint... Hope this helps :D

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