Cinnabar Island
Icon for the Level
Previous level Route 19
Next level Cinnabar Gym
Objective Defend the Rare Candy
Money Rate x1

Cinnabar island is the 32nd level in Pokémon Tower Defense.


Riding Kyogre throughout the remainder of the oceanic routes, you see Seafoam Island and You say, "I want to go there some day!" You, Joey, Maruto, and Ash's Pikachu finally arrive at Cinnabar Island. As you land, you notice a pile of Rare Candy in the middle of town and set out to defend it from wild Pokémon. After the level ends, you get to choose between a Kabuto and an Omanyte, in a similar fashion to Saffron Dojo. Also if you don't lose any candy you can get Aerodactyl.



Spots: 10 (6 Top Path, 4 Bottom Path)

Waves: 30


Catchable Pokémon
Blue Level Rate Red Level Rate
077Ponyta2Ponyta 80-83 25% 077Ponyta2Ponyta 80-83 --%
109Koffing2Koffing 80-83 6% 109Koffing2Koffing 80-83 --%
110Weezing2Weezing 80-83 4% 110Weezing2Weezing 80-83 --%
088Grimer2Grimer 80-83 35% 088Grimer2Grimer 80-83 --%
089Muk2Muk 80-83 10% 089Muk2Muk 80-83 --%
037Vulpix2Vulpix 80-83 14% 058Growlithe2Growlithe 80-83 --%
126Magmar2Magmar 80-83 6%
Boss Pokémon
Pokémon Move
139Omastar2Omastar Rollout
141Kabutops2Kabutops Aqua Jet




  • When the level came out, (version 6.0.0) the level cap was 90, yet all the wild Pokémon were level 91. Upon logging out, they would be reduced to level 90 after capture.
  • When the level came out, (version 6.0.0) there was a glitch similar to the one that existed on Route 17, where if all of your Pokémon fainted, and there were still rare candies on the stage, the level wouldn't end.
  • Rapidash appears on the level icon, but Rapidash appears nowhere in the actual level.

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