Ghost-Type Other
15px-C.png 180
Accuracy Can't miss
Buff Duration 1800
A move that work differently for the Ghost type than for all the other types.

Non-Ghost: Lowers Speed and increase Defense and Attack. Ghost: Lose half life, to damage target. Cooldown is now 18.

Learned By

By Level Up

079Slowpoke2Slowpoke: Lv 0 092Gastly2Gastly: Lv 12 095Onix2Onix: Lv 46

By Using Move Tutor

080Slowbro2Slowbro: Lv 0 093Haunter2Haunter: Lv 12 094Gengar2Gengar: Lv 12


  • In v5.8.1, Curse's damage was changed to make it unable to deal damage over 1/4 of the user's life.

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