The Daily Activities

The Daily Activities are a feature in PTD 2 that lets you do a task to earn 10 Daily Coins the first time you did it that day, and 1 Daily Coin for each time you completed it again for the same day. It can be found in the PTD 2 Pokémon Center.

Similar to SnD Coins, Daily Coins are a form of currency that allows you to adopt Pokémon from the Pokémon Center but can't be bought with real life currency and must be built up over time to be able to buy something rarer in the Pokémon Adoption with your Daily Coins. You may also purchase various items from the Item Store with Daily Coins.

The 2 ways to earn Daily Coins are in which, trading with 5 other players each to earn 10 Daily Coins, then after you did it for that day your prize will be 1 Daily Coin until the next day. You can also breed to get Daily Coins, every time you breed Pokémon, you will earn 10 Daily Coins.

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