Dark Pulse
Dark-Type Special
15px-P.png 80 15px-C.png 22
Accuracy 100%
Flinch Chance 20%
Flinch Duration 18
The user releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts. It may also make the target flinch.
This attack can hit multiple Pokemon if within range.

Dark Pulse is available as a TM after beating Saffron City.

TM Dark Pulse can be found near the Northwest corner of Ecruteak City.

Learned By

By Level Up

092Gastly2Gastly: Lv 36 093Haunter2Haunter: Lv 44 094Gengar2Gengar: Lv 44

By using TM

023Ekans2 024Arbok2 089Muk2 092Gastly2 093Haunter2 094Gengar2
109Koffing2 110Weezing2 130Gyarados2 151Mew2 000Missingno.2