395: Empoleon
Base Stats
HP  ? Sp. Atk  ?
Attack  ? Sp. Def  ?
Defense  ? Speed  ?
Exp  ??? Money  ???
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Normal Sprites

Empoleon is a dual-type Water/Steel Pokémon. It evolves from Prinplup starting at level 36. It is the final form of Piplup.


Empoleon is a large penguin-like Pokémon. In terms of color, it has a closer resemblance to a "real-world" penguin than its pre-evolved forms have because it is mostly black or navy blue as opposed to being a light blue. Its feet actually appear to have webbing on them. Its wings are tipped with blue metal and have three golden claws sticking out at the bottom. It has a short, blue, metal tail sticking out of its back and fin that's on the front of its body that extends to where its chin would be then splits to form a sort of collar. This collar is probably because real penguins are said to be wearing "tuxedos," due to their black and white appearance. If one looks at Empoleon, it has a tie like fin in the middle of its belly, and the collar coming off it, this relates to the tuxedo of a penguin. There is a lace-like pattern of white coloration on its front, and it has two gold-colored spots on its upper-back. Its most prominent feature is the three-horned trident-like crest that extends from its beak. This crest represents an Empoleon's power and the leader of a colony of Empoleon, Prinplup, and Piplup will have the largest horns.


  • Olivine city.Jasmine Empoleon

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