Erika is the fourth Gym Leader at the Celadon Gym and uses Grass-type Pokémon. She is usually seen wearing a pink headband with most of it concealed by her long hair. She also wears a kimono. You free her from Mewthree's mind control after clearing her gym.

Appears In

  • Celadon Gym
    • Erika uses a variety of Grass-type Pokémon to steal Rare Candy from the Player. She is assisted by the present-day Celebi. After her defeat, she gives you the Rainbow Badge.
  • Rocket Hideout
  • Route 15
  • Fuchsia Gym
    • Erika may be seen as a spectator during Meowth and Joey's race. She suggests being able to see the Poison-type Pokémon surrounding them, and is the first to hint at their presence. Along with the Player, Meowth, and Joey, she follows Sensei to the gym after being surrounded.
  • Safari Zone
    • Erika is seen in the Gym after you defeated Janine. Later she goes with Meowth and Janine back to Saffron City.
  • Viridian City
    • Erika can be seen in the crowd in front of Viridian City.
  • Viridian Ending
    • Erika positions herself within the left half of the crowd during your conversation with Gary.


Erika's Pokémon
Pokémon Known Moves


Mega Drain

251Celebi2Celebi (Formerly)

Solar Beam

The Pokémon such as the Bellsprout family , Exeggcute, the Bulbasaur family and Oddish and Gloom seen at her gym are suggested to be hers.

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