Water Stone

A water stone.

Evolution stones are items used to evolve certain Pokémon. Each stone costs 10,000 Pokédollars when purchased in the Pokemart and in PTD2 its cost is 20 Daily Coins for 1 and 10 for 1 Snd when purchased in the Item Store.

A Pokémon evolved with a stone can still learn moves from its pre-evolved form, just three levels later.

Pokemon That Evolve Through Evolutionary Stones

Fire Stone 

037Vulpix2 --Fire-Stone--> 038Ninetales2

058Growlithe2 --Fire-Stone--> 059Arcanine2

133Eevee2 --Fire-Stone--> 136Flareon2

513Pansear2 --Bag Fire Stone Sprite--> 514Simisear2

Thunder Stone

025Pikachu2 --Thunder-Stone--> 026Raichu2

133Eevee2 --Thunder-Stone--> 135Jolteon2

Moon Stone

030Nidorina2 --Moon-Stone--> 031Nidoqueen2

033Nidorino2 --Moon-Stone--> 034Nidoking2

035Clefairy2 --Moon-Stone--> 036Clefable2

039Jigglypuff2 --Moon-Stone--> 040Wigglytuff2

Water Stone

061Poliwhirl2 --Water-Stone--> 062Poliwrath2

090Shellder2 --Water-Stone--> 091Cloyster2

120Staryu2 --Water-Stone--> 121Starmie2

133Eevee2 --Water-Stone--> 134Vaporeon2

Leaf Stone

044Gloom2 --Leaf-Stone--> 045Vileplume2

070Weepinbell2 --Leaf-Stone--> 071Victreebel2

102Exeggcute2 --Leaf-Stone--> 103Exeggutor2

Sun Stone

044Gloom2 --Sun Stone--> 182Bellossom2

Shiny Stone

176Togetic2 --Shinystone--> 468Togekiss2

315Roselia2 -- Shinystone --> 407Roserade2

Dusk Stone

198Murkrow2 -- Piedra noche --> 430Honchkrow2

200Misdreavus2 -- Piedra noche --> 429Mismagius2

PAlampent --Piedra noche--> PAchandelure

680Doublade2 --Piedra noche--> 681Aegislash2

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