Fire Blast
Fire Blast
Fire-Type Special
15px-P.png 120 15px-C.png 24
Accuracy 85%
Burn Chance 10%
The target is attacked with a intense blast of all-consuming fire. It may also leave the target with a burn.

Learned By

By Level Up

037Vulpix2Vulpix: Lv 54 038Ninetales2Ninetales: Lv 57 077Ponyta2Ponyta: Lv 41
078Rapidash2Rapidash: Lv 41 136Flareon2Flareon: Lv 71 126Magmar2Magmar: Lv 62
244Entei2Entei: Lv 71

By Adopting


By Using TM

004Charmander2 005Charmeleon2 006Charizard2 031Nidoqueen2 034Nidoking2 035Clefairy2 036Clefable2 037Vulpix2 038Ninetales2 039Jigglypuff2
040Wigglytuff2 058Growlithe2 059Arcanine2 066Machop2 067Machoke2 068Machamp2 074Geodude2 075Graveler2 076Golem2 077Ponyta2
078Rapidash2 079Slowpoke2 080Slowbro2 088Grimer2 089Muk2 104Cubone2 105Marowak2 108Lickitung2 109Koffing2 110Weezing2
111Rhyhorn2 112Rhydon2 113Chansey2 115Kangaskhan2 126Magmar2 128Tauros2 130Gyarados2 136Flareon2 142Aerodactyl2 143Snorlax2
146Moltres2 147Dratini2 148Dragonair2 149Dragonite2 150Mewtwo2 151Mew2 244Entei2 494Victini2 000Missingno.2


  • Fire Blast will travel in a straight line until it leaves the screen.
  • The flames are in the shape of the Chinese/Japanese character, 大, which means large.

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