Normal-Type Other
15px-C.png 54 15px-D.png 360
Lowers accuracy of all Pokémon
Makes target drop their Candy
Accuracy 100%
The user flashes light that cuts the target accuracy. It also can illuminate caves.
Makes the target drop their candy.

Flash is required to enter Rock Tunnel. A party Pokémon must have Flash in its list of moves to enter. If none of your Pokemon know Flash when you enter the rock tunnel, a giant Onix will appear.


By Using HM

001Bulbasaur2 002Ivysaur2 003Venusaur2 015Beedrill2 025Pikachu2 026Raichu2 035Clefairy2 036Clefable2 039Jigglypuff2 040Wigglytuff2
043Oddish2 044Gloom2 045Vileplume2 046Paras2 047Parasect2 048Venonat2 049Venomoth2 052Meowth2 053Persian2 063Abra2
064Kadabra2 065Alakazam2 069Bellsprout2 070Weepinbell2 071Victreebel2 079Slowpoke2 080Slowbro2 081Magnemite2 082Magneton2 494Victini2
000Missingno.2 100Voltorb2 101Electrode2 102Exeggcute2 103Exeggutor2 109Koffing2 110Weezing2 113Chansey2 114Tangela2 120Staryu2
121Starmie2 122MrMime2 124Jynx2 125Electabuzz2 135Jolteon2 137Porygon2 145Zapdos2 150Mewtwo2 151Mew2 243Raikou2

Special move

Generation IV

# Pokémon Type Obtained with
025 [1] Pikachu Electric My Pokémon Ranch
Bold indicates a Pokémon which gets STAB from this move.

Italic indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form gets STAB from this move.

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