Focus Energy
Focus energy
Normal-Type Other
Accuracy Can't miss
Buff Duration 1800
Critical Increase x4
The user takes a deep breath and focuses to raise the critical hit ratio of its attacks.

Learned By

By Level Up

015Beedrill2Beedrill: Lv 13 019Rattata2Rattata: Lv 7 032Nidoran2Nidoran ♂: Lv 7
056Mankey2Mankey: Lv 0 066Machop2Machop: Lv 7 104Cubone2Cubone: Lv 17
106Hitmonlee2 Hitmonlee: Lv 21 116Horsea2Horsea: Lv 14 123Scyther2Scyther: Lv 5
127Pinsir2Pinsir: Lv 0 494Victini2Victini: Lv 0

By Using Move Tutor

020Raticate2Raticate: Lv 0 033Nidorino2Nidorino: Lv 7 034Nidoking2Nidoking: Lv 0
057Primeape2Primeape: Lv 0 067Machoke2Machoke: Lv 7 068Machamp2Machamp: Lv 7
105Marowak2Marowak: Lv 17 117Seadra2Seadra: Lv 14

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