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Forums: IndexStrategiesI cant defeat kyogre.can you?

i have used every combination of my pokemons including picatsu but still nothing help guys.

Use m16's instant level 100

You don't need hacks to beat him.

1) Make sure your Pokemon are level 30 at least.

2) Pikachu isn't strong enough. I recommend you evolve it to Raichu and teach it Thunderbolt (the $10000 IS worth it. If you don't have enough, do some training). Thunderbolt's paralyze helps a lot here.

3) If you have Venusaur, use Solarbeam (and Leech Seed for extra damage). If not, get a Vileploom/Victreebell.

It should be fairly easy with this setup.

Budget: 20000 (Swords Dance, Moon Stone)

Pokemon: At least Lvl 24 Raticate: Swords Dance, Hyperfang, Crunch

Around Lvl 22 Nidoking: Focus Energy, Poison Sting

Strategy: 1) Train at Mt. Moon 2 until Nidoking is at least Lvl 22 and Raticate is Lvl 24 (when he learns crunch).

2) Put Nidoking on the top space and Raticate at the bottom. Start them off on Focus Energy and Swords dance.

3) When you get the buffs switch Nidoking to Poisin Sting and Raticate to Crunch.

4) When you get the defence decrease on Kyogre, switch to Hyper Fang. When your buffs wear off take the time to re-cast them and same for Crunch.

Note: Because Crunch and Focus Energy are chance things this may take multiple times. Not likely though. ;)


Actually, I just did a high level Shiny Golem and a Raichu on Thunderbolt.

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