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Welcome to the strategy forum. This is a place to make strategies and share them with other members of this wiki's community. To add a new topic, type the title in the box below then click "Add new topic". To reply to someone else's topic, simply view their forum and edit it at the top of the page.

Ground Rules:

  • Do not delete the templates when you create a new forum page.
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TopicLast EditLast Author
Elite 418:56, November 22, 2012188.153.186.114
Ptd2 1o people wanted to trade with18:37, November 17, 201286.185.170.52
Looking for Shinies15:07, November 6, 2012Synyster316
Looking for Shinies.15:04, November 6, 2012Synyster316
Need unhaked lvl 100 fire type will give any pokemon07:44, November 5, 2012Jazza 9876
Looking for reg dogs08:39, November 1, 2012SHINIESONLY
Shiny ekans and shiny geodude up for trade22:16, October 30, 2012Mister Lie
Champowsies22:04, October 29, 201267.60.92.177
Cherrygrove City21:18, October 27, 2012MrJ17
Celadon Gym15:28, October 24, 2012Moon Snail
All-Purpose Strategy01:08, September 13, 201271.220.121.69
Viridian City23:23, September 7, 2012Hecetor
Cinnabar Island easiest way to win10:46, September 4, 2012220.255.2.35
Fuchsia Gym10:55, August 31, 201285.75.206.190
I cant defeat kyogre.can you?17:09, August 29, 201269.181.45.150
Cinnabar Island02:08, August 25, 201224.118.8.184
Oak's Lab03:28, August 21, 201269.181.45.150
Saffron City18:58, August 10, 2012Vincenthuang75025
Best way to beat Elite 402:33, August 9, 2012Sheensta
Best places to train18:23, August 8, 201264.126.174.206
Beating Kyogre18:08, August 8, 201264.126.174.206
Vermillion Gym21:30, July 31, 2012173.57.38.114
Mt. moon 2 challenge level19:17, July 30, 2012Vincenthuang75025
Cinnabar Gym01:54, July 24, 201275.35.136.78
SIMPLE VIRIDIAN CITY20:27, July 23, 201267.60.92.177
Route 1710:35, July 20, 2012115.64.139.191
Cerulean Gym 216:43, July 12, 2012216.218.29.239
Rock Tunnel05:05, July 6, 2012RyanTeapot
Poke Tower 213:22, July 5, 2012LlSh0ckll
Vermillion Gym (Challenge Level)16:41, June 7, 2012MrJ17
Celadon Gym (Challenge Level)23:32, May 22, 2012MrJ17
Champion23:51, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Mt. Moon (Challenge Level)05:03, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Old Rod05:02, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Pewter Gym (Challenge Level)05:00, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Unknown Dungeon04:59, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Safari Zone04:50, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Saffron Dojo04:48, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Route 1204:45, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Pokemon Tower 104:43, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Rocket Hideout04:42, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Lavender Town (level)04:40, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Diglett's Cave04:34, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Vermillion City04:31, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Route 2404:30, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Cerulean Gym04:29, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Mt. Moon 204:27, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Mt. Moon 104:13, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Pewter Gym04:10, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Viridian Forest04:09, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Route 204:09, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Route 104:07, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario
Creating the Strategies03:07, May 20, 2012Shadow Lucario

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