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Fuchsia Gym

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Fuchsia Gym
Icon for the Level
Previous level Route 15
Next level Safari Zone
Objective Defend the Rare Candy against the Sensei's Pokémon
Money Rate x1


Once you turn up in Fuchsia City, Erika asks if you don't see them. Meowth says he can smell something stinky. Out of nowhere an old man known only as Sensei appears. He tells you that you are surrounded, and to go to the gym quietly or you shall be poisoned. You then go to Fuchsia Gym, where there are 5 Janine. One tries to speak but is told to get back in line by the Sensei. He says you must defeat them in a gym battle to be allowed to talk with Janine. He gives you a tip to watch out for the Giant Muk, as one touch is enough to faint a Pokémon. The Janine that speaks out "Guys!" is Maruto.


Fuchsia Gym Layout

Waves: 9

Spots: 12

Defending: Rare Candy (1)


  • Upon initial release, the level had 10 waves.
    • There was also a bug where the 2 giant Muk went around in circles with no more Pokémon appearing on wave 8. This appears to have been fixed by having only 9 waves.


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