Fury Swipes
Fury swipes
Move Information:
Normal-Type Physical
Accuracy 80%
Additional Effects:

The target is attacked with sharp claws or scythes two to five times in quick succession.

Learned By

By Leveling Up

027Sandshrew2Sandshrew: Lv 19 029Nidoran2Nidoran ♀: Lv 19 030Nidorina2Nidorina: Lv 20
031Nidoqueen2Nidoqueen: Lv 24 052Meowth2Meowth: Lv 14 054Psyduck2Psyduck: Lv 27
056Mankey2Mankey: Lv 9 161Sentret2Sentret: Lv 13 BZoruaZorua: Lv 13

By Using Move Tutor

028Sandslash2Sandslash: Lv 19 053Persian2Persian: Lv 14 055Golduck2Golduck: Lv 27
057Primeape2Primeape: Lv 9 162Furret2Furret: Lv 13 BZoroarkZoroark: Lv 13