In this challenge, you have to defeat Brock's team with four default level 8 shiny Pokemon: Caterpie, Charmander, Rattata and Pidgey. Upon completion you receive 3 Aerodactyls with matching Aerodactylites

Brock's team:

-Geodude X2: A pair of Geodudes that have been fed special food to give a lot of Exp.

-Graveler X2: A pair of catchable Graveler that learn the unique move Solid Protection, which protects every Pokemon in the field from harm (namely Sand Storm).

-Onix X2: A pair of Onix that can use a super-powered version of the move Sand Storm.

How to beat:

Tirrene's Super Obvious Strategy Or Whoa Dude Why Didn't I Think Of This Before It's Like Bro

This one needs some preparations. First, look at the Pokemons' stats, click Relearn and Relearn EVERYTHING. Lastly, change their abilities to Blaze, Hustle and Shield Dust (Pidgey's ability doesn't matter on this stage). Then start the challenge and have your Pokemon use all their buffing moves, and when the Geodudes come out, faint them (having all your Pokemons attack each of them at least once). After this, your Caterpie should have evolved into a Butterfree and your Rattata should have learned Bite. Attack heavily both Gravelers, capture at least one of them, have said Graveler use Solid Protection and put him on the field. Lastly, the Onix will appear, but they will waste a lot of time spinning at the spawn, just at the furthest left Pokemon's grasp. Debuff each of them all you can, and then have Butterfree use Confusion (or Rattata use Bite) until they faint. Don't worry about the Sand Storm, for you are Solid Protected (cheesy pun is cheesy) and, if they manage to get to the end, have Pidgey use Whirlwind. After this, you should win and get the Pewter Badge.

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