Gyro Ball
Gyro Ball
Steel-Type Physical
15px-P.png Varies 15px-C.png 18
The slower the user is the greater the power
Accuracy 100%
The user tackles the target with a high-speed spin. The slower the user, the greater the damage.
Calculation: 25x (target´s speed / user's speed)

Learned By

By Level Up

027Sandshrew2Sandshrew: Lv 33 028Sandslash2Sandslash: Lv 45 039Jigglypuff2Jigglypuff: Lv 37
040Wigglytuff2Wigglytuff: Lv 40 081Magnemite2Magnemite: Lv 54 082Magneton2Magneton: Lv 60
100Voltorb2Voltorb: Lv 43 101Electrode2Electrode: Lv 51 109Koffing2Koffing: Lv 37
110Weezing2Weezing: Lv 40 120Staryu2Staryu: Lv 37 121Starmie2Starmie: Lv 40

By Using TMs

007Squirtle2 008Wartortle2 009Blastoise2 027Sandshrew2 028Sandslash2 039Jigglypuff2 040Wigglytuff2 074Geodude2 075Graveler2 076Golem2
081Magnemite2 082Magneton2 095Onix2 100Voltorb2 101Electrode2 109Koffing2 110Weezing2 120Staryu2 121Starmie2 138Omanyte2
139Omastar2 151Mew2 000Missingno.2


  • If you evolve Sandshrew before he learns Gyro Ball, Sandslash will not learn it through TM or levelling up as of Version 3.0.1.

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