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Helping Hand
Normal-Type Other
15px-C.png 792 15px-D.png 1800
Accuracy Can't miss
The user assists an ally by boosting its Atk and Sp. Atk stats.

Learned By

By Leveling Up

029Nidoran2Nidoran ♀: Lv 25 030Nidorina2Nidorina: Lv 28 031Nidoqueen2Nidoqueen: Lv 31
032Nidoran2Nidoran ♂: Lv 25 033Nidorino2Nidorino: Lv 28 034Nidoking2Nidoking: Lv 31
058Growlithe2Growlithe: Lv 17 059Arcanine2Arcanine: Lv 20 133Eevee2Eevee: Lv 0

By Using Move Tutor

134Vaporeon2Vaporeon: Lv 0 135Jolteon2Jolteon: Lv 0 136Flareon2Flareon: Lv 0

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