HeartGold SoulSilver Janine

Janine is mentioned in the cutscene in Route 15. Giovanni sends you to Fuchsia City to recruit her to Team Rocket.


Janine's Pokémon
Pokémon Known Moves
089Muk2Giant Muk Muk's Gas

Appears In

  • Fuchsia Gym
    • When you arrive inside the gym, there are five Janines being guarded by the Sensei.
  • Safari Zone
    • At the beginning of the level, Sensei reveals which one is the true Janine and permits you to speak with her. She appears to share command over the giant Muk with Sensei, as both give it instructions at this time. She then leads you to the Safari Zone entrance, where she gives you the Soul Badge and has Maruto explain the rules to you.
  • Viridian City
    • Janine can be seen in the crowd in front of Viridian City.
  • Viridian Ending
    • Janine stays off to the far right of the crowd during the first half of the cutscene.


  • Janine is the daughter of Koga.

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