Lavender Town
Lavender Town Icon
Icon for the Level
Previous level Rock Tunnel
Next level Route 8
Objective Defend your Rare Candy against Giovanni's Persian.
Enemies Persian
Money Rate x1


The level starts with your player exiting the Rock Tunnel. After observing a Gastly pop out of a sign directly outside of the cave, a familiar Team Rocket member calls out to you, revealed soon after to be Joey in disguise. Walking into Lavender Town, Giovanni and Lt. Surge are seen standing outside of Pokémon Tower. After some back story, Giovanni reveals his purpose in town is to catch Ghost-type Pokémon in order to gain an advantage on the enemy Psychic Pokémon. Your player must then defend candy against 8 waves of Giovanni's Persian in order to gain membership to Team Rocket and gain access to the game corner.



Waves: 8

Spots: 6

Defending: 5 Rare Candy


Three Persian appear per wave. The enemy Persian are allowed to attack your Pokémon. The attacks they use per wave are specified below.

Boss Level Wave Attacks
053PersianBPersian x3 35 1 Rest
053PersianBPersian x3 35 2 Protect
053PersianBPersian x3 35 3 Thunderbolt
053PersianBPersian x3 35 4 Shadow Claw
053PersianBPersian x3 35 5 Water Gun
053PersianBPersian x3 35 6 Double-Edge
053PersianBPersian x3 35 7 Bite
053PersianBPersian x3 35 8 Power Gem


  • While Giovanni states that Ghost-types can help against General Mewtwo, this is not especially accurate. While Ghost-type moves are indeed effective against Psychic-types such as Mewtwo, the only Ghost-types in PTD are part Poison-types, making them weak to Mewtwo's attacks.