249: Lugia
Base Stats
HP 106 Sp. Atk 90
Attack 90 Sp. Def 130
Defense 154 Speed 110
Exp  ??? Money  ???
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Normal Sprites


Lugia is the guardian of the seas and it possesses incredible psychic powers.

According to the legend, Lugia used to live in the top of the Brass Tower, just near Tin Tower. However, a lightning bolt struck the tower and it was set ablaze, the fire persisted for 3 days and was ended by a well-timed rain. Lugia, now homeless, moved to the Whirl Islands.

Lugia is a very large Pokémon which bears a striking resemblance to something between a dragon, a plesiosaur, and a bird. They are primarily pale silver-white colored, but have blue undersides with slightly varying tones. They have a somewhat beak-like, ridged mouth, although have teeth on their lower jaw. Their head has a point to the back, and their eyes have blue points or black spikes on them. Lugia have long slender necks and their bodies are smooth and streamlined, with the exception of dark blue or black spike-like protrusions which run down the length of their back, and two smaller ones on the ends of their tails. It also has large wings that resemble hands. It's signature move is Aeroblast, a powerful move that shoots a wind vortex at the opponent.

In PTD 2, Lugia managed to calm Zapdos, then Giovanni shows up and it is captured by Shadow Mewthree's Shadow Capture attack. Lugia then appears after you get captured and sealed in the Shadow Realm. Lugia says that you must defeat him in order to be freed. He even said that to get your Pokémon out of it's way or it'll release a furious attack. After defeating Lugia, your friends are freed, but Lugia is nowhere in sight. 

When you travel to the past, reach Goldenrod City and finishes the battle against Whitney, four Team Rocket members are revealed to be behind everything. Then a younger Giovanni appears to them, but Shadow Mewthree arrives, making the Team Rocket members blast off like they always do. Shadow Mewthree then begins to act strangely right before Shadow Lugia bursts out of its body. Shadow Mewthree's location and status is now unknown as Shadow Lugia flies east and Giovanni follows it, seemingly in a trance. If you re-do the cutscene by talking to Whitney, she will comment that your memory is excellent and she felt like she was reliving the event all over again. Shadow Lugia is also seen battling Ho-oh in Olivine City when Ho-oh falls out of the sky and comments that the world is doomed right before it sees you and realizes there is hope in you, starting the double gym battle that was released two weeks late for Sam's birthday.





  1. Pressure: The Pokémon raises the foe's Attack cooldown.
  2. Multiscale: Reduces damage from all attacks.


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Move Set

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