Ground-Type Physical
15px-P.png Varies 15px-C.png 24
Attack Power: 10 to 150
Accuracy 100%
The user looses a ground shaking quake affecting everyone around the user. Its power varies.

Learned By

By Level Up

050Diglett2Diglett: Lv 15 074Geodude2Geodude: Lv 15

By Using Move Tutor

051Dugtrio2Dugtrio: Lv 15 075Graveler2Graveler: Lv 15 076Golem2Golem: Lv 15

Geodude's Magnitude

This move is exclusive to the Groudon in Viridian City as the boss and the Geodude in the Old Rod (Challenge Level). It is identical to the actual move except that the cooldown is 54 instead of 24.

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