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Misty is the second Gym Leader at the Cerulean Gym, specializing in Water-types. She was freed from Mewthree's mind control by the Player along with her partner Kyogre. It is revealed that she is now married to Ash.

Appears In

  • Cerulean Gym
    • Entering the Cerulean Gym, you meet Maruto, who has just lost to Misty. Joey promptly challenges her as well, but his Beedrill loses to her Starmie. After she says she needs to deliver Rare Candy outside the gym, beginning the defense level.
    • After the level, Misty invites you to follow her to a second pool. While Maruto and Joey initially believe her to be standing on water, she reveals that she is actually on top of Kyogre.
  • Cerulean Gym 2
    • Before the level, Ash Ketchum runs in to speak with Misty, who he calls his wife. After the commotion dies down, the Player is left alone to face Misty and Kyogre. Once Kyogre is defeated, the Player is presented with the Cascade Badge.
  • Route 24
    • During the conversation, Misty suggests visiting Bill to obtain S.S. Anne tickets. She then starts worrying about finding Ash.
  • Route 15
    • Misty appears alongside the other protagonists during Giovanni's speech. She offers to examine trainers' Pokemon to find ones suitable of surfing to Cinnabar Island. Additionally, Misty inquires about the whereabouts of Kyogre, revealing him to be in Maruto's custody.
  • Viridian City
    • Misty can be seen in the crowd in front of Viridian City.


Misty's Pokemon
Pokemon Known Moves
121Starmie2Starmie Harden, Water Gun, Tackle
382Kyogre2Kyogre (formerly) Kyogre's Rest


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