Moves are what Pokémon use to interact with themselves, their allies, and enemy Pokémon. The effects of moves include: doing damage, healing, causing status effects, or causing debuffs or buffs.

Moves can have three main stats: Damage, Cooldown, and Duration.


Healing Moves

Moves that restore HP:

MoonlightNormalVariesHealing Amount Based on Number of Candies Left
RecoverNormal1/2User Healed by 1/2 its Maximum HP
Slack OffNormal1/2User Healed by 1/2 its Maximum HP
SoftboiledNormal1/2User Healed by 1/2 its Maximum HP
SwallowNormalVariesHealing Amount Based on Use of Stockpile
Aqua RingWater1/16Healing Occurs Every Turn
AbsorbGrassDmgUser Healed by 1/2 Damage Dealt
Giga DrainGrassDmgUser Healed by 1/2 Damage Dealt
IngrainGrass16%Healing Occurs Every Turn
Leech SeedGrassDmgUser Healed by 100% Damage Dealt; Heals Every Turn
Mega DrainGrassDmgUser Healed by 1/2 Damage Dealt
SynthesisGrassVariesHealing Amount Based on Number of Candies Left
RoostFlying1/2Removes User's Flying Typing
Dream EaterPsychicDmgUser Healed by 1/2 Damage Dealt
Heal PulsePsychic1/2Heals all Pokémon Except User
Healing WishPsychic100%Heals Allies
RestPsychic100%Heals HP/Status; User Falls Asleep
Leech LifeBugDmgUser Healed by 1/2 Damage Dealt

Team/Self-Damaging Moves

Moves that lower the user's HP or that of its teammates:

Belly DrumNormal1/4Raises User's Defense and Speed
Double-EdgeNormalDmg33% Recoil Damage
ExplosionNormal100%User Faints; Hits all Pokémon on Field
Perish SongNormal100%User and Targets Faint in 3 Turns
SelfdestructNormal100%User Faints; Hits all Pokémon on Field
SubstituteNormal1/4Creates Decoy of User
Take DownNormalDmg25% Recoil Damage
Flare BlitzFireDmg33% Recoil Damage; Burn Chance 10%
Wood HammerGrassDmg33% Recoil Damage
HailIceWeatherDamages All Non-Ice Types
Final GambitFightingDmgUser Faints; Deals Damage Equal to HP Lost
Hi Jump KickFighting1/4Damages User if Attack Misses
Jump KickFighting1/4Damages User if Attack Misses
SubmissionFightingDmg25% Recoil Damage
EarthquakeGroundDmgHits all Pokémon on Field
Brave BirdFlyingDmg33% Recoil Damage
Healing WishPsychic100%User Faints; Heals Allies
SandstormRockWeatherDamages all Non-Rock/Ground/Steel Types
CurseGhost1/2Different for Ghost Types
Destiny BondGhost100%If User Faints, Attacker Faints as Well
MementoDark100%User Faints; Lowers Enemies' Attack and Special Attack

Buffing/Debuffing Moves

Moves that raise/lower stats:

NameTypeTargetAtkDefSp. AtkSp. DefSpdAccEvaChanceRemarks
AcupressureNormalSelf???????100%Boosts Random Stat
Belly DrumNormalSelf + +100%User Loses 1/4 HP
Crush ClawNormalEnemy -50%
Defense CurlNormalSelf +100%
Double TeamNormalSelf +100%
FlashNormalAll -100%
Focus EnergyNormalSelf100%Raises Critical Hit Chance
ForesightNormalEnemy -100%
GrowlNormalEnemy -100%
GrowthNormalSelf + +100%
HardenNormalSelf +100%
Helping HandNormalAllies + +100%
LeerNormalEnemy -100%
Lucky ChantNormalSelf100%Protects Team From Critical Hits
MinimizeNormalSelf +100%
Odor SleuthNormalEnemy -100%
RageNormalSelf +100%
RockNormalEnemy +30%
Scary FaceNormalEnemy -100%
ScreechNormalEnemy -100%
SharpenNormalSelf +100%
Shell SmashNormalSelf + - + - +100%
Skull BashNormalSelf +100%
SmokescreenNormalEnemy -100%
StockpileNormalSelf + +100%
SwaggerNormalEnemy +100%Confuses Target
Sweet ScentNormalEnemy -100%
Swords DanceNormalSelf + +100%
Tail WhipNormalEnemy -100%
TickleNormalEnemy - -100%
Work UpNormalSelf + +100%
Flame ChargeFireSelf +100%
OverheatFireSelf -100%
V-CreateFireSelf - - -100%
Muddy WaterWaterEnemy -30%
Razor ShellWaterEnemy -50%
WithdrawWaterSelf +100%
ChargeElectricSelf +100%
Charge BeamElectricSelf +70%
Leaf StormGrassSelf -100%
Aurora BeamIceEnemy -10%
Close CombatFightingSelf - -100%
SuperpowerFightingSelf - -100%
AcidPoisonEnemy -10%
Acid ArmorPoisonSelf +100%
Acid SprayPoisonEnemy -100%
CoilPoisonSelf + + +100%
Earth PowerGroundEnemy -10%
Mud-SlapGroundEnemy -100%
Mud BombGroundEnemy -30%
Sand AttackGroundEnemy -100%
Feather DanceFlyingEnemy -100%
TailwindFlyingTeam +100%
AgilityPsychicSelf +100%
AmnesiaPsychicSelf +100%
BarrierPsychicSelf -100%
Calm MindPsychicSelf + +100%
Cosmic PowerPsychicSelf + +100%
GravityPsychicEnemy -100%
KinesisPsychicEnemy -100%
MeditatePsychicSelf +100%
Miracle EyePsychicEnemy -100%
PsychicPsychicEnemy -10%
Bug BuzzBugEnemy -10%
Quiver DanceBugSelf + + +100%
Silver WindBugSelf + + + + +10%
Ancient PowerRockSelf + + + + +100%
Rock PolishRockSelf +100%
CurseGhostSelf + + -100%Non-Ghost Types Only
Shadow BallGhostEnemy -20%
Dragon DanceDragonSelf + +100%
CrunchDarkEnemy -20%
Fake TearsDarkSelf -100%
FlatterDarkEnemy +100%Confuses Target
MementoDarkEnemy - -100%User Faints
Nasty PlotDarkSelf +100%
Flash CannonSteelEnemy -10%
Iron DefenseSteelSelf +100%
Iron TailSteelEnemy -10%
Metal ClawSteelSelf +10%
Metal SoundSteelEnemy -100%
Meteor MashSteelSelf +20%
Mirror ShotSteelEnemy -30%


Status Inducing Moves

Moves that cause status ailments:

Body SlamNormalEnemy8518Paralysis30%
Dizzy PunchNormalEnemy7018Confusion20%
Fake OutNormalEnemy4018Flinch100%Works once per enemy
Hyper FangNormalEnemy8018Flinch10%
Lovely KissNormalEnemy72Sleep100%
SwaggerNormalEnemy1854Confusion100%Raises target's Speed
Tri AttackNormalEnemy8018Multiple20%Burn, Freeze, or Paralysis
Blaze KickFireEnemy8518Burn10%
Fire BlastFireEnemy12024Burn10%
Fire FangFireEnemy6518Multiple10%Burn or Flinch
Fire PunchFireEnemy7518Burn10%
Flame WheelFireEnemy6018Burn10%
Flare BlitzFireEnemy12018Burn10%33% recoil damage
Heat WaveFireEnemy10024Burn10%
Lava PlumeFireEnemy8024Burn30%
Searing ShotFireEnemy10024Burn30%
water PulseWaterEnemy6018Confusion20%
Thunder FangElectricEnemy6518Multiple10%Flinch or Paralysis
Thunder PunchElectricEnemy7518Paralysis10%
Thunder WaveElectricEnemy18Paralysis100%
Zap CannonElectricEnemy12022Paralysis100%
Petal DanceGrassSelf12018Confusion100%
Sleep PowderGrassEnemy72Sleep100%
Stun SporeGrassEnemy72Paralysis100%
Ice BeamIceEnemy9522Freeze10%
Ice FangIceEnemy6518Multiple10%Flinch or Freeze
Ice PunchIceEnemy7518Freeze10%
Icicle CrashIceEnemy8518Flinch30%
Icy WindIceEnemy5524Slow100%
Powder SnowIceEnemy4022Freeze10%
Dynamic PunchFightingEnemy10018Confusion100%
Low SweepFightingEnemy6018Slow100%
Rolling KickFightingEnemy6018Flinch30%
Cross PoisonPoisonEnemy7018Poison10%Critical hit chance x2
Gunk ShotPoisonEnemy12022Poison30%
Poison FangPoisonEnemy5018Poison30%
Poison GasPoisonEnemy18Poison100%
Poison JabPoisonEnemy8018Poison30%
Poison PowderPoisonEnemy18Poison100%
Poison StingPoisonEnemy3518Poison30%
Sludge BombPoisonEnemy9018Poison30%
Sludge WavePoisonEnemy9524Poison10%
Toxic SpikesPoisonEnemy1801800Poison100%Poisons foes who walk over trap
Bone ClubGroundEnemy6518Flinch10%
Mud ShotGroundEnemy5524Slow100%
Air SlashFlyingEnemy7518Flinch30%
Sky AttackFlyingEnemy14022Flinch30%
Heart StampPsychicEnemy6018Flinch30%
RestPsychicSelf90Sleep100%User falls asleep; heals HP & status problems
Zen HeadbuttPsychicEnemy8018Flinch20%
Signal BeamBugEnemy7518Confusion10%
String ShotBugEnemy18Slow100%
TwineedleBugEnemy2518Poison20%Hits twice
Rock SlideRockEnemy7524Flinch30%
Rock TombRockEnemy5018Multiple10%Slows target; Flinch chance: 10%
Confuse RayGhostEnemy18Confusion100%
Dragon RushDragonEnemy10018Flinch20%
Dark PulseDarkEnemy8022Flinch20%
FlatterDarkEnemy18180[[]]100%Raises target's Sp. Def
Iron HeadSteelEnemy8018Flinch30%

Status Healing Moves

Moves that prevent/cure status ailments:

UproarNormalEnemy9018Prevent100%Prevents Sleep for all Pokémon on field
Worry SeedGrassTeam360180Prevent100%Prevents Sleep
Healing WishPsychicSelf18Cure100%User faints; heals allies
Magic CoatPsychicSelf270180Prevent100%
RestPsychicSelf90Cure100%User falls asleep; heals HP & status problems

Complete Move List

Every move available in PTD:

AcupressureNormal720BuffBoosts random stat
After YouNormal54OtherResets cooldown of ally's move
BaitNormal14StatusFlinch chance: 100%
BarrageNormal1518DmgHits 2-5 times
Baton PassNormal72BuffCopies user's buffs/debuffs to allies
Belly DrumNormal180252BuffUser loses 1/4 HP; maxes out Def & Speed
BindNormal1518DmgHits for 4-5 turns
Body SlamNormal8518DmgParalysis chance: 30%
CamouflageNormal756720TypeChanges user's type
Chip AwayNormal7018DmgIgnores target's Defense Stat
Comet PunchNormal1818DmgHits 2-5 times
ConstrictNormal1018DmgSlow chance: 10%
ConversionNormal181800TypeChanges user's type
Conversion 2Normal181800TypeChanges user's type
CopycatNormal18OtherCopies one of target's moves
Crush ClawNormal7518Dmg50% chance to lower target's Defense
Defense CurlNormal181800BuffRaises user's Defense
DisableNormal72072OtherDisables target's move
Dizzy PunchNormal7018DmgConfusion chance: 20%
Double HitNormal3518DmgHits twice
Double SlapNormal1518DmgHits 2-5 times
Double TeamNormal20701800BuffRaises user's Evasiveness
Double-EdgeNormal12018Dmg33% recoil damage
Egg BombNormal10018Dmg
EncoreNormal54792OtherPrevents target from changing moves
EndeavorNormalVaries18DmgMore powerful the less HP the user has
EndureNormal18OtherUser is left with at least 1 HP
ExplosionNormal25018DmgUser faints; hits all Pokémon on field
Fake OutNormal4018DmgFlinch chance: 100%
False SwipeNormal4018DmgLeaves target with at least 1 HP
FeintNormal3018DmgIgnores Protect/Detect
FlailNormalVaries18DmgMore powerful the less HP the user has
FlashNormal54360BuffLowers all Pokémon's Accuracy
Focus EnergyNormalOtherRaises critical hit chance x4
Follow MeNormal540180OtherTargets aim only at user
ForesightNormal18360BuffLowers target's Evasiveness
Fury AttackNormal1518DmgHits 2-5 times
Fury SwipesNormal1818DmgHits 2-5 times
Giga ImpactNormal15018Dmg
GlareNormal18StatusParalyzes target
GrowlNormal18BuffLowers target's Attack
GrowthNormal7201800BuffRaises user's Atk & Sp. Atk
GuillotineNormalOHKO54OHKOTarget faints if hit
HardenNormal18BuffRaises user's Defense
HeadbuttNormal7018DmgFlinch chance: 30%
Helping HandNormal7921800BuffRaises allies' Atk & Sp. Atk
Horn AttackNormal6518Dmg
Horn DrillNormalOHKO54OHKOTarget faints if hit
Hyper BeamNormal15024Dmg
Hyper FangNormal8018DmgFlinch chance: 10%
Hyper VoiceNormal9024Dmg
Last ResortNormal14018DmgCannot use if user has over 50% HP
LeerNormal18360BuffLowers target's Defense
Lock-OnNormal18OtherUser's next attack will not miss
Lovely KissNormal72StatusPuts targets to sleep
Lucky ChantNormal18360OtherProtects team from critical hits
Me FirstNormal18OtherUses target's move with increased power
Mega KickNormal12018Dmg
Mega PunchNormal8018Dmg
MetronomeNormal18OtherUser uses a random move
MimicNormal18OtherUser copies target's selected move
Mind ReaderNormal18OtherUser's next attack will not miss
MinimizeNormal20701800BuffRaises user's Evasiveness
MoonlightNormal180HealHeals user based on number of candies left
Odor SleuthNormal18360BuffLowers target's Evasiveness
Pay DayNormal4018DmgAwards extra money
Perish SongNormal54DmgUser and targets faint in 3 turns
ProtectNormal27036OtherEnables user to evade all attacks
Psych UpNormal720BuffsUser copies target's Atk or Def changes
Quick AttackNormal4014Dmg
RageNormal7201800BuffRaises user's Attack
Rapid SpinNormal2018DmgMay cancels some attacks' effects
Razor WindNormal8020DmgCritical hit chance x2
RecoverNormal180HealHeals user by half of max HP
Reflect TypeNormal756720TypeChanges user's type
RefreshNormal18StatusCures user's Poison, Burn, or Paralysis
RetaliateNormal7018DmgDouble damage if an ally has fainted
RoarNormal54OtherTurns target around
RockNormal1014Dmg30% chance to increase target's Speed
SafeguardNormal27090StatusProtects user from status problems
Scary FaceNormal18BuffLowers target's Speed
ScreechNormal18360BuffLowers targets' Defense
SelfdestructNormal20018DmgUser faints; hits all Pokémon on field
SharpenNormal181800BuffRaises user's Attack
Shell SmashNormal180BuffLowers Def & Sp. Def, raises Atk, Sp. Atk, Speed
SingNormal72StatusPuts targets to sleep
Skull BashNormal100241800DmgRaises user's Defense
Slack OffNormal180HealHeals user by half of max HP
SlashNormal7018DmgCritical hit chance x2
Sleep TalkNormal18OtherWhile asleep, user uses a known move
SmokescreenNormal36BuffLowers targets' Accuracy
SnoreNormal4018DmgFlinch chance: 30%
SoftboiledNormal180HealHeals user by half of max HP
SonicboomNormal18DmgAlways deals 20 damage
Spike CannonNormal2518DmgHits 2-5 times
Spit UpNormalVaries18DmgPower increases with use of Stockpile
SplashNormal234OtherNo effect
StockpileNormal72720BuffRaises user's Defense & Special Defense
StompNormal6518DmgFlinch chance: 30%
SubstituteNormal54OtherCreates decoy with 25% of user's max HP
Super FangNormal12018Dmg
SupersonicNormal18StatusConfuses targets
SwaggerNormal1854StatusConfuses target, but raises Speed
SwallowNormal18HealHeals user based on use of Stockpile
Sweet ScentNormal18360BuffLowers target's Evasiveness
SwiftNormal6018DmgCan't miss
Swords DanceNormal7201800BuffRaises user's Attack & Special Attack
Tail WhipNormal18BuffLowers target's Defense
Take DownNormal9018Dmg25% recoil damage
ThrashNormal12018DmgConfuses user
TickleNormal18BuffLowers target's Attack and Defense
TransformNormal756720OtherCopies target's appearance and moves
Tri AttackNormal8018DmgBurn, Freeze, or Paralysis chance: 20%
Trump CardNormalVaries18DmgAttack power cycles
UproarNormal9018DmgPrevents Sleep for all Pokémon on field
WhirlwindNormal54OtherTurns target around
Work UpNormal7201800BuffRaises user's Attack & Special Attack
WrapNormal1518DmgHits for 4-5 turns
Wring OutNormalVaries18DmgMore powerful the less HP target has
YawnNormal54StatusPuts target to sleep
Blaze KickFire8518DmgCritical hit chance x2; Burn chance: 10%
EmberFire4018DmgBurn chance: 10%
EruptionFireVaries24DmgLess powerful the lower the user's HP
Fire BlastFire12024DmgBurn chance: 10%
Fire FangFire6518DmgBurn or Flinch chance: 10%
Fire PunchFire7518DmgBurn chance: 10%
Fire SpinFire3518DmgHits for 2-5 turns
Flame BurstFire7024Dmg
Flame ChargeFire5018DmgRaises user's Speed
Flame WheelFire6018DmgBurn chance: 10%
FlamethrowerFire9522DmgBurn chance: 10%
Flare BlitzFire12018Dmg33% recoil damage; Burn chance: 10%
Fusion FlareFire10022DmgDouble damage if ally using Fusion Bolt
Heat WaveFire10024DmgBurn chance: 10%
InfernoFire10018DmgBurns target
Lava PlumeFire8024DmgBurn chance: 30%
OverheatFire14022DmgLowers user's Special Attack
Searing ShotFire10024DmgBurn chance: 30%
Sunny DayFire198180WeatherPowers up Fire-type moves
V-CreateFire18018DmgLowers user's Def, Sp. Def, & Speed
Will-O-WispFire18StatusBurns target
Aqua JetWater4014Dmg
Aqua RingWater18InfiniteHealHeals user every turn
Aqua TailWater9018Dmg
BrineWater6518DmgDouble damage if target below 50% health
BubbleWater2018DmgSlow chance: 10%
BubblebeamWater6524DmgSlow chance: 10%
ClampWater3518DmgHits for 4-5 turns
CrabhammerWater9018DmgCritical hit chance x2
Hydro PumpWater12022Dmg
Muddy WaterWater9524Dmg30% chance to lower target's Accuracy
Rain DanceWater18181800WeatherPowers up Water-type moves
Razor ShellWater7518Dmg50% chance to lower target's Defense
SoakWater54TypeChanges target's type
Water GunWater4018Dmg
Water PulseWater6018DmgConfusion chance: 20%
Water SportWater7921800OtherWeakens Fire-type moves
WaterfallWater8018DmgFlinch chance: 20%
WhirlpoolWater3518DmgHits for 4-5 turns
WithdrawWater18360BuffRaises user's Defense
ChargeElectric18BuffRaises user's Special Defense
Charge BeamElectric5018Dmg70% chance to raise user's Special Attack
DischargeElectric8022DmgParalysis chance: 30%
Electro BallElectric6018DmgDamage increases if target is slowed
Fusion BoltElectric10022DmgDouble damage if ally using Fusion Flare
Magnet RiseElectric181800OtherMakes user immune to Ground-type moves
Shock WaveElectric6018SpecialCan't Miss
SparkElectric6518DmgParalysis chance: 30%
ThunderElectric12018DmgParalysis chance: 30%
Thunder FangElectric6518DmgFlinch or Paralysis chance: 10%
Thunder PunchElectric7518DmgParalysis chance: 10%
Thunder WaveElectric18StatusParalyzes target
ThunderboltElectric9518DmgParalysis chance: 10%
ThundershockElectric4018DmgParalysis chance: 10%
Zap CannonElectric12022DmgParalyzes target
AbsorbGrass2018DmgHeals user by 50% of damage dealt
AromatherapyGrass180StatusHeals team of status problems
Bullet SeedGrass2518DmgHits 2-5 times
Giga DrainGrass7518DmgHeals user by 50% of damage dealt
IngrainGrass18InfiniteHealHeals user every turn
Leaf BladeGrass9018DmgCritical hit chance x2
Leaf StormGrass14022DmgLowers user's Special Attack
Leaf TornadoGrass6518Dmg
Leech SeedGrass4018HealDamages target and heals user every turn
Magical LeafGrass6018DmgCan't miss
Mega DrainGrass4018DmgHeals user by 50% of damage dealt
Petal DanceGrass12018DmgConfuses user
Power WhipGrass12018Dmg
Razor LeafGrass5518DmgCritical hit chance x2
Seed BombGrass8018Dmg
Sleep PowderGrass72StatusPuts targets to sleep
Solar BeamGrass12024Dmg
SporeGrass144StatusPuts targets to sleep
Stun SporeGrass72StatusParalyzes targets
SynthesisGrass180HealHeals user based on number of candies left
Vine WhipGrass3518Dmg
Wood HammerGrass12018Dmg33% recoil damage
Worry SeedGrass360180StatusProtects team from Sleep
Aurora BeamIce6520Dmg10% chance to lower target's Attack
AvalancheIce6018DmgDouble damage if user has taken damage
BlizzardIce12024DmgFreeze chance: 10%
HailIce50306270WeatherDamages all non-Ice types
HazeIce36BuffEliminates all Pokémon's stat changes
Ice BeamIce9522DmgFreeze chance: 10%
Ice FangIce6518DmgFlinch or Freeze chance: 10%
Ice PunchIce7518DmgFreeze chance: 10%
Ice ShardIce4016Dmg
Icicle CrashIce8518DmgFlinch chance: 30%
Icicle SpearIce2518DmgHits 2-5 times
Icy WindIce5524DmgSlows targets
Powder SnowIce4022DmgFreeze chance: 10%
Sheer ColdIceOHKO54OHKOTarget faints if hit
Aura SphereFighting9022DmgCan't miss
Brick BreakFighting7518DmgRemoves target's Reflect or Light Screen
Circle ThrowFighting6054DmgTurns target around
Close CombatFighting12018DmgLowers user's Defense and Special Defense
CounterFighting18090OtherCounters physical attack with double damage
Cross ChopFighting10020DmgCritical hit chance x2
DetectFighting27036OtherEnables user to evade all attacks
Double KickFighting3018DmgHits twice
Dynamic PunchFighting10018DmgConfuses target
Final GambitFightingVaries18DmgUser faints; deals damage equal to HP lost
Focus PunchFighting15020Dmg
Hammer ArmFighting10018DmgLowers user's Speed
Hi Jump KickFighting13018DmgUser loses 25% of max HP if misses
Jump KickFighting10018DmgUser loses 25% of max HP if misses
Karate ChopFighting5018DmgCritical chance x2
Low KickFighting6018Dmg
Low SweepFighting6018DmgSlows target
Mach PunchFighting4014Dmg
Quick GuardFighting12618OtherEnables team to evade all attacks for one turn
RevengeFighting6018DmgDouble damage if user has taken damage
ReversalFightingVaries18DmgMore powerful the less HP the user has
Rolling KickFighting6018DmgFlinch chance: 30%
Seismic TossFighting8018Dmg
Sky UppercutFighting8518Dmg
SubmissionFighting8018Dmg25% recoil damage
SuperpowerFighting12018DmgLowers user's Attack and Defense
Vacuum WaveFighting4014Dmg
Vital ThrowFighting7020DmgCan't miss
Wake-Up SlapFighting6018DmgDouble damage if target is asleep
AcidPoison4018Dmg10% chance to lower target's Special Defense
Acid ArmorPoison324BuffRaises user's Defense
Acid SprayPoison4018DmgLowers target's Special Defense
Clear SmogPoison5024DmgEliminates target's stat changes
CoilPoison1801800BuffRaises user's Attack, Defense, and Accuracy
Cross PoisonPoison7018DmgCritical hit chance x2; Poison chance: 10%
Gastro AcidPoison18BuffRemoves one positive stat change from target
Gunk ShotPoison12022DmgPoison chance: 30%
Poison FangPoison5018DmgPoison chance: 30%
Poison GasPoison18StatusPoisons targets
Poison JabPoison8018DmgPoison chance: 30%
Poison PowderPoison18StatusPoisons targets
Poison StingPoison3518DmgPoison chance: 30%
SludgePoison6518DmgPoison chance: 30%
Sludge BombPoison9018DmgPoison chance: 30%
Sludge WavePoison9524DmgPoison chance: 10%
SmogPoison2018DmgPoison chance: 40%
ToxicPoison18StatusBadly Poisons target
Toxic SpikesPoison1801800TrapPoisons foes who walk over trap
Bone ClubGround6518DmgFlinch chance: 10%
Bone RushGround2518DmgHits 2-5 times
BonemerangGround5018DmgHits twice
BulldozeGround6024DmgSlows targets
Drill RunGround8018DmgCritical hit chance x2
Earth PowerGround9018Dmg10% chance to lower target's Special Defense
EarthquakeGround10024DmgDamages all Pokémon in the stage
FissureGroundOHKO54OHKOTarget faints if hit
MagnitudeGroundVaries24DmgRandom power from 10-150
Mud-SlapGround2036DmgLowers targets' Accuracy
Mud BombGround6518Dmg30% chance to lower target's Accuracy
Mud ShotGround5524DmgSlows targets
Mud SportGround7921800OtherWeakens Electric-type moves
Sand AttackGround36StatusLowers targets' Accuracy
Sand TombGround3518DmgHits for 4-5 turns
AcrobaticsFlying5518DmgDouble damage if target is not holding an item
Aerial AceFlying6018DmgCant' miss
Air CutterFlying5518DmgCritical hit chance x2
Air SlashFlying7518DmgFlinch chance: 30%
BounceFlying8518DmgParalysis chance: 30%
Brave BirdFlying12018Dmg33% recoil damage
Drill PeckFlying8018Dmg
Feather DanceFlying181800BuffLowers target's Attack
HurricaneFlying12018DmgConfusion chance: 30%
Mirror MoveFlying18OtherCopies target's attack
RoostFlying108180HealRestores 50% HP; user loses Flying typing
Sky AttackFlying14022DmgFlinch chance: 30%
Sky DropFlying6018Dmg
TailwindFlying14472BuffRaises team's Speed
Wing AttackFlying6018Dmg
AgilityPsychic270180BuffRaises user's Speed
Ally SwitchPsychic180OtherUser changes places with a teammate
AmnesiaPsychic720BuffRaises user's Special Defense
BarrierPsychic181800BuffRaises user's Defense
Calm MindPsychic361800BuffRaises user's Special Attack and Special Defense
ConfusionPsychic5018DmgConfusion chance: 10%
Cosmic PowerPsychic1801800BuffRaises user's Defense and Special Defense
Dream EaterPsychic10018DmgHeals user by 50% of damage dealt
ExtrasensoryPsychic8018DmgFlinch chance: 10%
Future SightPsychic10018DmgHits target twice after move used
GravityPsychic18360OtherLowers target's evasion
Guard SwapPsychic72BuffSwaps changes to Def & Sp. Def with target
Heal PulsePsychic360HealHeals all Pokémon except user by 50% max HP
Healing WishPsychic18HealUser faints; heals allies
Heart StampPsychic6018DmgFlinch chance: 30%
HypnosisPsychic72StatusPuts targets to sleep
KinesisPsychic36360BuffLowers target's Accuracy
Light ScreenPsychic18090OtherSuppresses damage from Special Attacks
Magic CoatPsychic270180StatusProtects user from status problems
MeditatePsychic181800BuffRaises user's Attack
Miracle EyePsychic18360BuffLowers target's Evasiveness
Mirror CoatPsychic18090OtherCounters special attack with double damage
Power SwapPsychic72BuffSwaps changes to Atk & Sp. Atk with target
PsybeamPsychic6518DmgConfusion chance: 10%
PsychicPsychic9018Dmg10% chance to lower target's Special Defense
Psycho CutPsychic7018DmgCritical hit chance x2
ReflectPsychic18090OtherSuppresses damage from Physical Attacks
RestPsychic90HealUser falls asleep; heals HP & status problems
Stored PowerPsychicVaries18DmgDamage increases with number of stat buffs on user
SynchronoisePsychic7018DmgOnly damages targets that share type with user
TelekinesisPsychic1890BuffTarget becomes easier to hit for 5 turns
TeleportPsychic180OtherUser teleports to random open spot
Wonder RoomPsychic18181800OtherSwaps all Pokémon's Defense and Special Defense stats
Zen HeadbuttPsychic8018DmgFlinch chance: 20%
Bug BiteBug6018Dmg
Bug BuzzBug9020Dmg10% chance to lower targets' Special Defense
Fury CutterBug2018DmgPower increases with each successive hit
Leech LifeBug2018DmgHeals user by 50% of damage dealt
Pin MissileBug1518DmgHits 2-5 times
Quiver DanceBug180BuffRaises user's Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, & Speed
Rage PowderBug540180OtherTargets aim only at user
Signal BeamBug7518DmgConfusion chance: 10%
Silver WindBug6018DmgMay raise all user's stats
SteamrollerBug6518DmgFlinch chance: 30%
String ShotBug18BuffSlows target
TwineedleBug2518DmgHits twice; Poison chance: 20%
Ancient PowerRock6018DmgMay raise all user's stats
Power GemRock7018Dmg
Rock BlastRock2518DmgHits 2-5 times
Rock PolishRock90BuffRaises user's Speed
Rock SlideRock7524DmgFlinch chance: 30%
Rock ThrowRock5018Dmg
Rock TombRock5018DmgSlows target; Flinch chance: 10%
RolloutRock3018DmgPower increases with each successive hit
SandstormRock20306270WeatherDamages all non-Rock/Ground/Steel types
Smack DownRock5018DmgMakes Flying-types susceptible to Ground attacks
Stealth RockRock40901800TrapHurts foes who walk over trap
Stone EdgeRock10018DmgCritical hit chance x2
Wide GuardRock27036OtherEnables team to evade all attacks for two turns
AstonishGhost3018DmgFlinch chance: 30%
Confuse RayGhost18StatusConfuses target
CurseGhost180OtherWorks differently for Ghost-type Pokémon
Destiny BondGhost18DmgIf user faints, attacker faints as well
HexGhost5018DmgDouble damage if target has status problem
LickGhost2018DmgParalysis chance: 30%
Night ShadeGhost6022Dmg
NightmareGhost12018DmgOnly works on sleeping targets
Shadow BallGhost8022Dmg20% chance to lower target's Special Defense
Shadow ClawGhost7018DmgCritical hit chance x2
Shadow PunchGhost6018DmgCan't miss
Dragon ClawDragon8018Dmg
Dragon DanceDragon1801800BuffRaises user's Attack and Speed
Dragon PulseDragon9022Dmg
Dragon RageDragon22DmgAlways deals 40 damage
Dragon RushDragon10018DmgFlinch chance: 20%
Dragon TailDragon6054DmgTurns target around
DragonBreathDragon6018DmgParalysis chance: 30%
OutrageDragon12018DmgConfuses user
TwisterDragon4018DmgFlinch chance: 20%
AssuranceDark5018DmgDouble damage if target already damaged
BiteDark6018DmgFlinch chance: 30%
CrunchDark8018Dmg20% chance to lower target's Defense
Dark PulseDark8022DmgFlinch chance: 20%
Faint AttackDark6018DmgCan't miss
Fake TearsDark18360BuffLowers target's Special Defense
FlatterDark18180StatusConfuses target, but raises Sp. Def
Knock OffDark20108DmgMakes target unable to carry candy
MementoDark18BuffUser faints; lowers enemies' Atk & Sp. Atk stats
Nasty PlotDark7201800BuffRaises user's Special Attack
Night SlashDark7018DmgCritical hit chance x2
PaybackDark5018DmgDouble damage if target is faster than user
PunishmentDarkVaries18DmgDamage increases with number of stat buffs on target
PursuitDark4018DmgDouble damage if target turned around
Sucker PunchDark8018DmgOnly hits targets that have turned around
TauntDark5401800OtherTargets aim only at user
Bullet PunchSteel4014Dmg
Flash CannonSteel8020Dmg10% chance to lower target's Special Defense
Gyro BallSteelVaries18DmgMore powerful the less Speed user has
Heavy SlamSteel12018Dmg
Iron DefenseSteel1801800BuffRaises user's Defense
Iron HeadSteel8018DmgFlinch chance: 30%
Iron TailSteel10018Dmg10% chance to lower target's Defense
Magnet BombSteel6018DmgCan't miss
Metal ClawSteel5018Dmg10% chance to raise user's Attack
Metal SoundSteel72BuffLowers target's Special Defense
Meteor MashSteel10018Dmg20% chance to raise user's Attack
Mirror ShotSteel6522Dmg30% chance to lower target's Accuracy

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