Mt. Moon (Challenge Level)
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Objective Defend the Rare Candy
Money Rate Unknown


This challenge level, introduced in v2.8 of PTD 1, has level 29 Shiny Geodude that you catch in order for them to use Selfdestruct and protect the Rare Candy. Upon completing this level, Professor Oak gives you the Pokedex to be able to catch all the Pokémon and access to Achievements.



Pokémon Wave
074Geodude3Geodude (to the left side) 1-20
041Zubat2Zubat (Uncatchable) 1-5
076Golem2Golem 6-10
095Onix2Onix (Uncatchable) 11-13
004Charmander3Charmander 14-15
044Gloom2Gloom (Uncatchable) 16
045Vileplume2Vileplume (Uncatchable) 17-20


Pokemon Tower Defense Mt

Pokemon Tower Defense Mt.Moon1 Challenge

In the video on the left shows how to beat this challenge to claim your Pokedex. First wild shiny Geodude will spawn on the left, catch them and place them quickly to defeat the Zubats, then 2 wild Golem will appear, you will need to use the Geodude's Selfdestruct move to weaken them to catch them because they will be useful. After the Golem, a bunch of Onix will come. These Golem's Magnitude will be able to make short work of the Onix. After the Onix stop appearing, 3 Shiny Charmanders will appear one at a time. You will need to quickly catch them or els the Golem will defeat the Charmanders. After that, Gloom will start appearing. When the Charmander level up first, stop evolving for it to learn Fire Fang. Then let it evolve on the next level. Then the Charmander will level up and wreak the Glooms as they spawn, then that is it. You recieved the Pokedex.

Other Info

The music in this level is the trainer battle music in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, it may be downloaded at:

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