Mt. Moon 1
Mt. Moon 1 Official Icon
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Previous level Viridian Forest 2
Next level Mt. Moon 2
Objective Defend Brock's Geodude from waves of wild Pokémon.
Money Rate x2

The eighth level is the third part of Chapter 2. Brock is seen getting his Geodude to use Dig, and his Onix to block off Zubats. Even though Onix is powered up, Onix fails to protect Brock for long enough, and is returned back to its Pokeball. But don't worry! Hope is not lost! Joey comes running into the cave with his Pikachu (Pikachu Sammy), who uses Discharge. Joey said to only use it on the Zubats, but Pikachu Sammy aims for Zubats, Joey and even Brock! After being targeted by the Zubats, Pikachu Sammy flees for his life, and Joey does the same! Then you arrive, and Brock reveals Team Rocket hid his family is inside the entrance Geodude is trying to dig through, and so you protect Geodude by fending off the wild Pokemon
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  • Waves: 9
  • Spots: 8 (1 ground only)
  • Objective: Defend 3 Geodude


Left Side

Red Level Encounter Rate Blue Level Encounter Rate
041Zubat2Zubat 7-10 60% 041Zubat2Zubat 7-10 60%
074Geodude2Geodude 7-9 30% 074Geodude2Geodude 7-9 30%
035Clefairy2Clefairy 8 1% 035Clefairy2Clefairy 8 1%

Right Side

Red Level Encounter Rate Blue Level Encounter Rate
019Rattata2Rattata 8-12 35% 019Rattata2Rattata 8-12 35%
021Spearow2Spearow 8-12 35% 021Spearow2Spearow 8-12 35%
056Mankey2Mankey 10-12 25% 056Mankey2Mankey 10-12 25%
023Ekans2Ekans 6-12 5% 027Sandshrew2Sandshrew 20-23 5%


Boss Level
074Geodude2Geodude 18


Pokémon that know the move Teleport are able to access the square that only Ground-type Pokémon can be placed on. Additionally, Ally Switch may be used in the same fashion, as long as a Ground-type Pokémon occupies that space beforehand.