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Mystery Gift is an option on the home menu allowing you to obtain Pokémon or Avatars with special codes found on Sam's site. All of the public giveaways have been Pokémon or Avatars.

You can vote for the type of Pokemon you wish to be the next Mystery Gift in the blog.


How To Receive 

On PTD2, the code can only be put in the mystery gift section in the PTD2 of, unlike in PTD1 where you only had to go there for the weekly code. Then enter "Mystery Gift" on the game menu and type or paste the code in. Then click the "Submit" button. Mystery Gift codes can be entered as many times as desired on an account. Sam's codes are not case sensitive.

At the current time, all Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations codes give one pair that is male and female for each time the Pokémon code entered, which can be entered infinitely on accounts as of the Shelmet code.

As of the Buizel code, entering the Mystery Gift or Giveaway code on Thursdays will earn you a Shadow version of that Pokemon as opposed to the Shiny version.

As of the Piplup code, entering the code will no longer earn you a Shiny version of that Pokemon, but a normal. (although Shadow versions will still be obtainable on Thursdays) Giveaways will still be Shiny and Shadow.

The Special Codes are codes in which can produce one Pokemon of 500 available. These Pokemon are the second-most voted Pokemon by the fans, who lose only to the top voted Pokemon who becomes the main mystery gift. When the screen says: "This code was only valid for the first 500 players that used it and is no longer valid.", 500 people have already used the special code and it is no longer active.

For Sam's birthday, another Mystery Gift was given out, and like the one for PTD1, it was a Legendary/Mythical Generation 5 Pokémon. In 2013, Kyurem was given out, due to Dragon winning the Mystery Gift poll.

Next code:


Active Code

Normal and Shadow (Shadows on Thursdays) Poochyena: 10125020

Shiny Poochyena Code: nicepupy

Special Codes




Shiny Froakie


Shiny Chespin


Shiny Nosepass


Shiny Shuppet

Shiny Sigilyph oddbirdy
Shiny & Shadow Wailmer bigwhalebrhtorca
Shiny and shadow Turtwig leafshel / purpturt
Shiny and Shadow Snover yetimann / dsnowman
Shiny and Shadow Carvanha tinyJaw / darkbite
Shiny Blitzle elezebra
Shiny & shadow Heatmor anteater \ darktong 631
Shiny Kyurem icedrago / bdaykyur
Kyurem NB variocolor
Shiny Taillow atsubame 276Taillow3
Shiny Anorith abshrimp Anorith
Shadow Stunky pepelepw 50px-434Stunky
Shiny & Shadow Numel hotcamel / drkbumps 322
Shiny & Shadow Dwebble rockcrab / drkhermit Dwebble
Shiny & Shadow Emolga flykachu / shdsqrrl Emolga
Shiny & Shadow Makuhita sumoslap / sumopalm 296Makuhita2

Shiny & Shadow Roselia

rednblue / darkrose
Shiny Roselia

Shiny & Shadow Mawile

megawile 303Mawile2
Shiny & Shadow Mudkip ulikemud 258Mudkip2
Shiny Yamask myolmask Yamask NB variocolor
Shiny Pawniard chessguy Pawniard NB variocolor
Shiny Cryogonal snoflake Cryogonal NB variocolor

Shiny Electrike

dogybuzz Electrike NB variocolor
Shiny Gothita gothgirl 200px-574Gothita
Shiny & Shadow Tepig Redpiggy Tepig N2B2 variocolor
Shiny Bagon flysaway Bagon NB variocolor
Shiny & Shadow Combee busybees 415combee
Shiny Slakoth slackers 287slakoth
Shiny & Shadow Seviper serpenty 336seviper
Shiny & Shadow Shieldon ceratops / shldface 410shieldon
Shiny & Shadow Drilbur drilmole 529drilbur
Shiny & Shadow Starly starlin / starbird 396starly
Shiny & Shadow Ferroseed spkyseed 597ferroseed
Shiny & Shadow Mienfoo weaselfo 619mienfoo
Shiny Feebas prtyugly PAfeebasY

Shiny Plusle & Minun



Shiny Solosis cellular
Shiny Torkoal smokynos
Shiny Scraggy headbuty PAscraggy
Shiny Snorunt iceboy PAsnoruntY
Shiny Beldum dumbell PAbeldumY
Shiny Litwick imacndl PAlitwickY

Shiny Luvdisc

luvSnd PAluvdiscY

Expired Codes

Normal and Shadow (Thursday) Fletchling 33150150

Normal and Shadow (Thursday) Clauncher 33150200

Normal and Shadow (Thursday) Goomy: 35020075

Normal and Shadow (Thursday) Pancham: jp175500

Normal and Shadow (Thursday) Froakie: 50014250

Normal and Shadow (Thursday) Chespin: SN348010

Normal and Shadow (Thursday) Fennekin: 1050020K

Normal and Shadow (Thursday) Honedge: 41510733

Normal and Shadow (Thursday) Darkrai: da151004

Normal and Shadow Corphish: d0qz63c5

Normal and Shadow  Snivy: p4vyw21b

Shadow Marill : pikablu

Normal and Shadow Glaceon: l6n34j9w

Normal and Shadow Sableye: 9F3QST2A

Normal and Shadow Pachirisu: n5q2al6d

Normal and Shadow Pansear: f34u1944 646 zpsca2b1901Shadow and Normal Kyurem: 4h3a1gmq

Bouffalant NB variocolor Normal & Shadow Bouffalant8rh5gd5c

250px-636Larvesta Normal & Shadow (Temporarily)  Larvesta: 9S5W5066

Venipede Normal & Shadow (Temporarily) Venipede: 5aq36c56

449Normal & Shadow (Temporarily) Hippopotas: c5g1f4t3

564Normal & Shadow (Temporarily) Tirtouga: c24sz2tw

627Nomal & Shadow (Temporarily) Rufflet: 1e3gm8q3

539Normal & Shadow (Temporarily) Sawk: t25w3hpg

590Normal & Shadow (Temporarily) Foongus: 8t85bw4s

Klink Normal & Shadow (Temporarily) Klink: 3aw746s8

Piplup Normal & Shadow (Temporarily) Piplup: 6ewdx156

ShinySpiritomb442 Shiny & Shadow (Temporarily) Spiritomb: evilcode

Deino Shiny & Shadow (Temporarily) Deino: easycode

Cubchoo Shiny & Shadow (Temporarily) Cubchoof2cr4353

255Torchic2 Shiny & Shadow (Temporarily) Torchic: 4gd3wbc6

605Shiny & Shadow (Temporarily) Elgyem: p6v6773u

TynamoShiny & Shadow (Temporarily) Tynamo: 4rig43k6

610axew Shiny & Shadow (Temporarily) Axew: 2d5L3sdc

335zangooseShiny & Shadow (Temporarily) Zangoose: w2313213

453croagunkShiny & Shadow (Temporarily) Croagunk: qt4aw176

524roggenrolaShiny & Shadow (Temporarily) Roggenrola: z42sgcf4

Sandile imgShiny & Shadow (Temporarily) Sandile: 6f2b2g84

566archenShadow (Temporarily) & Shiny Archen: nu353bb4

75px-251Celebi2Shadow (Temporarily) & Shiny Celebi:q9a13r44

357tropiusShadow (Temporarily) & Shiny Tropius: kf4e1754

532timburrShiny (Temporarily) & Shadow Timburr: d63347c4

418.gif Shiny (Temporarily) & Shadow  Buizel: 4yz52574

479rotomShiny Rotom: ptoc58c4

280Ralts2 Shiny Ralts: fe71b264

PAdarumakaY Shiny Darumaka: m64g14z         

PAabsolY Shiny Absol755A1234

PAsphealYShiny Spheal: 8355S2B4

304Aron3Shiny Aron: X29633B4

PAduskullY Shiny Duskull: K8983T34

Shiny Gible Shiny GibleGivMeGib

PAshelmetYShiny Shelmet: 6y245304

PAkarrablastYShiny Karrablast: 55465464

PAcranidosYShiny Cranidos: Y303N814

451SSkorupiShiny Skorupi: 36B56314

328Trapinch3 Shiny Trapinch 7D372G14

252Treecko3Shiny Treecko BS3032H4

SOshawottShiny Oshawott: 3D2C2YZ4

SChimcharShiny Chimchar: 52310WQ3

SJirachiShiny Jirachi: 460R3T34

SSwabluShiny Swablu: 84871514

SShinxShiny Shinx: 5543v454

BGolett Golett: 9B2G9034

BVanillite Vanillite: 9L744S54

BRiolu Riolu: 934P2CD4

BZorua Zorua: 26442TT6

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