New Bark Town
Icon for the Level
Previous level The Nightmare
Next level Route 29
Objective Obtain Johto Starter, Save Your Starter From Shadow Pokémon, and Defeat Your Rival
Enemies Shadow Pokémon
Exp Rate x1
Money Rate None

New Bark Town is the 2nd level in PTD 2. It is also the first area in the PTD series of Pokémon games to allow you to explore the map, like Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver.


There are four buildings, Professor Elm's Lab, your house, your rival's house, and Zai's house. To the east, there is a body of water, which leads to Kanto. To the north, there is a small area in which you will have to save your starter from Shadow Pokémon. In the west lies the entrance to Route 29. After you save your starter, guards block the exits, and after your battle with your rival, the one blocking Route 29 leaves, allowing you to start your PTD 2 Pokémon journey.


  • You
  • Unnamed Man
  • Unnamed Woman
  • Professor Elm's Scientist
  • Scientist #2
  • Guard #1 (after saving the starters and leaves after receiving the PokéPad)
  • Guard #2 (after saving the starters)

Major Events

  1. You have a dream about Shadow Pokémon
  2. You receive your starter
  3. You save your starter from Shadow Pokémon, thus bringing in Guard #1 and Guard #2 to investigate
  4. You meet and defeat your rival, Silver
  5. You recieve the PokéPad from Professor Elm

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