When playing PTD 2, there are Shadow Pokémon attacking. Bit by bit, this plot will lead you into something even deeper, that threatens the Pokémon World if not stopped in time.

Towards the First Gym

Before we get started I want to say that some of the information below might be a little off from Sam updating the game all the time. Some of this will either be harder or Easier. Enjoy!!!!!!

Dream Training

The game starts off with you in a completely white area with little to no details at all. You have all three Johto region starter Pokémon. Suddenly, Shadow Pokémon attack and you are forced to defend yourself. If you are a first-time player, it would be smart to learn the controls. Z, X, C, and V keys adjust what skill your Pokémon use in fights when you have them selected; you can identify which is selected by observing an orange border around the Pokémon's portrait and list of skills at the bottom of the screen. Set each to their respective skill (ex. Water Gun, Razor Leaf, Ember) and experiment with their strengths and weaknesses against your foes. A splat-like sound means you have dealt moderate damage, a cracking sound means you've dealt high-powered damage, and a thud means you have dealt very low to generally no damage at all to the enemy.

New Bark Town

After beating the Shadow Pokémon, you wake up, realizing it was just a dream. Your mom tells you to get your Johto starter Pokémon from Professor Elm, so you leave. On the way, people congratulate you for being able to get a Pokémon.

Your choice of a starter Pokémon.

You enter Elm's Lab and he tells you to choose Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile. After choosing, you leave his lab. Immediately, your starter runs away. You ask around to see if anyone has seen him/her, and all evidence points that he/she ran to the small area above.

Professor Elm gives you a PokePad.

You enter it, and you see all three starters, including yours, being attacked by Shadow Pokémon. You use your starter Pokémon to defend the other two, and then report this to Professor Elm. He then calls the Pokémon police to block the place.

Silver, your rival, calls you over to do battle. You accept, and win. As if on cue, Professor Elm calls you over again. You head over and recieve the Pokepad. Heading out, you see Silver in a fight with a guard. He tells you to sneak out to the left of them into Route 29 while he distracts the guard.

Somewhere into exploring New Bark Town, you should have been informed that your main forms of interaction are by clicking, and by pressing the Z and Spacebar keys (Z and Spacebar engage a conversation with a person [if you are facing the right direction], and clicking on prompts such as YES and NO progress text). However, none of the above are necessary when engaging a Pokémon, as you only need walk into them to start a fight.

Route 29

All the areas are blocked off due to the shadow pokemon attacks.

There are Hoothoot, Pidgey, Sentret, and Rattata. You head over to Cherrygrove City, noticing that there are guards blocking every exit here, too. Apparently, an attack of Shadow Pokémon is a major crisis. If you attempt to fight Pokémon, unless you leave the area after most likely fighting them all, they won't re-appear as they normally should, although it will be fixed if you speak to the guard at the end of the route. Silver, Zai, and the Prof will come. Then, you will appear in Cherrygrove City. At night, there is a possibility that a Shadow Rattata and Sentret can appear in tree gaps. Shadow Hoppip and Pidgey are found during the berry battle with Zai.

Cherrygrove City 

Zapdos will appear and you; Zai, Prof. Elm, Silver and Gary will need to stop it. After beating Zapdos, Ash will appear with Lugia and calm Zapdos. Giovanni will appear with Shadow Mewthree, and capture Lugia, and then go away. The old man standing at his house a little down below and to the left will give you Running Shoes. (Click where it mentions to change to running shoes [to the left of save] to switch into them. If you ever exit the game, you need only click on the option again to put the running shoes on, because closing the game removes them).

Note: During the fight with Zapdos, a number of Pokémon you originally don't have access to, until Route 30 and further, will appear as possible for capture. Such Pokémon include Caterpie.

Route 30

After defeating Zapdos, you can advance into the next area, Route 30, where there are two houses you can not yet enter, signs that you can read, pointing out the directions. As well as that, there are some more Pokémon to catch, depending on your game, if playing Gold you'll come across Caterpie, Metapod, Pidgey, Rattata and Hoppip. If playing Silver, you'll come across the same Pokémon except for Weedle and Kakuna.

Route 31

The route directly after Route 30; Falkner waits at the end of the route, and you challenge him. After you beat him you will have access to Violet City and Falkner will go to his gym in Violet City. There is also a north entrance to Dark Cave. Some of the newer Pokémon to appear include Bellsprout, which can be captured. If you put a Bellsprout in your first Pokémon spot for fighting and bring it to the upper left part of Violet City, a man standing next to a large grey Pokémon (Onix) will gladly give you said Onix for your Bellsprout; therefore, it is best to capture at least one extra Bellsprout if you want to keep one. The level of the traded Bellsprout will affect the level of the received Onix, in that if you traded a level 10 Bellsprout, you would get a level 10 Onix. If you traded a very high level Bellsprout, you can check on your Onix's information and see what abilities he could learn that you might like from the Relearn menu.

Dark Cave

It has no current involvement with the story. It contains Pikachu

t and Geodude at all times. There is an occasional Dunsparce that will be in few waves of Zubat and Geodude. It has since been updated to have 'lighting that doesn't harm the Pokémon', Shuckle along with them and areas only exclusively available through the utilization of HM Surf. In the extra parts, you may run into additional Zubat, Geodude. New Pokémon in the bonus places include Teddiursa and Wobbuffet with a slim chance only and finally, Dunsparce that can finally be found on its own instead of joining waves with Zubat and Geodude.

Violet City

This is the first city with a gym. After beating Falkner, you can come here and have a rematch at the entrance of his gym. There is a sage running around, panicking at the south right corner of Violet City. He will tell you that the leader was kidnapped. Go to Sprout Tower and defeat one of the Shadow Bellsprout. Go back to where you found the sage and talk to Ash. Giovanni will summon Mewthree and cause you, Ash, Gary, Zai, Silver, and the others to appear in a dark and negative area. To escape, you have to beat Shadow Lugia. The story continues south and to the left in Violet City.

To the North-Left corner, there is a fat man willing to trade an Onix for a Bellsprout. (See Route 31 above for more details).

To beat Lugia, you must place all of your Pokémon around it, and as your Pokémon take damage, you will notice the green bar diminish and, in near death, change to red. As the grey bar grows and the green shrinks, click on and drag your Pokémon to Zai with three tower placement spots in front of her. She will gradually heal your Pokémon, and when fully healed can be set back next to Lugia to continue the fight. If you remove all Pokémon from the tower placement slots around Lugia, it will lash out at the ones at the healing station, doing devastatingly more damage than Zai can heal your Pokémon through; therefore, it is best to have more than three Pokémon when going in to fight Lugia.

A small tip for those who finished the Sprout Tower, fight with the Shadow Bellsprout, you may find the Shadow Bellsprout at the Sprout Tower to be a very good training location for your Pokémon at your journey's start because they distribute a fair amount of experience upon defeat. Simply engage a Shadow Bellsprout, and increase the game speed to the maximum. Eventually, a large number of small Shadow Bellsprout will appear, with low amounts of health. If you prefer to, you can slow down the game or keep the speed maximized, which makes not much difference unless you want to withdraw quickly enough or some other strategy.

Towards the Second Gym: The Spreading Shadow Pokémon

Ruins of Alph

There will be a guard guarding the entrance or the ruins. Beat his level 20 Crobat and he will let you past. When you reach this area, first you must fight some Unown to examine some of the rocks they attempt to take. The objective of the fight with the Unown is to prevent them from stealing the rocks. After that, Ash and Gary appear outside of the Ruins and tell you to go back inside; returning there, you will find all Unown in an Shadow form you cannot capture, and a Shadow Entei too. Beat it and prevent the Shadow Unown from taking the rocks. After that, talk with Ash and Gary outside again to proceed.  

Tip for beating Entei: Have two Pokémon near enough to the Shadow Unown to attack them, and four others set to attack the Entei. The two Pokémon you have fighting the Unown would preferably be either both fire, but if not at least one should be fire or water. When you see an eye icon appear above one of the two Pokémon fighting the Unown, and you are unable to move it, go to the second Pokémon and move it into the path of the fireball that Entei creates, preferably as soon as the fireball appears over a Pokémon placement tile. Once the fireball is absorbed, be sure that the absorbing Pokémon is quickly set back into place where the Unown are being fought. If you lose one of two of the Unown-fighting Pokémon, it should be okay to place a Pokémon that had been fighting Entei at the Unown fighting tiles. With this trick, you should be able to complete the fight swiftly.

Route 32

You can encounter Wooper and Mareep here, when you fight them; there will be 3 Rare Candy, 9 spots, and 2 paths to the candy (there is also a center spot to place your strongest Pokémon, preferably). There are also Hoppip and Ekans (varying by versions, Bellsprout and Rattata may appear as well). Wooper comes at night and Mareep during the day. To the left is the Ruins of Alph and to the south is Route 32. You find your first official mid-route trainer, the "Happy Fisherman", who has different Pokémon each day of the week (Tentacool, Magikarp and Qwilfish). By beating one type of fish for all 15 waves, you get the Old Rod. For beating all 3 fish Pokémon, you get the Good Rod. At the bottom of Route 32 there's a path. Go through the path, and there will be a cut-scene, after that you will have to fight a clone of Mewthree. If you lose, then you will say that you dreamt that Mewthree captured you, so don't worry if you lose. If you do beat the Mewthree clone then you will return to Route 32. Celebi will appear and tell you that it brought you back a few moments before Mewthree's attack and will offer a choice to save the world. You will agree (with no choice) and Celebi will bring you to the past.

A warning for the mentioned fight with the Shadow Mewthree clone: let Mewthree get slightly down the path, so that all six of your Pokémon can fit around and attack it (3 spots on each side of the path can be filled at once). It would be smart not to speed up the fight, as Mewthree periodically will teleport your Pokémon off of the path, so that you have to place them again. Do not make your Pokémon use abilities that are meant to reduce Mewthree's stats, as it is not affected by them. If you do not defeat it fast enough, it will soon pick you up and carry you to the beginning of the path again, virtually winning (although it never actually does). Do not hesitate to move your Pokémon back onto the track, and keep your mouse on a Pokémon to put on the track as soon as they get taken off.

About the Old Rod you obtain: if you missed the Happy Fisherman's instructions, he says that you only need to walk up to a body of water and press the Z or Spacebar key to begin fishing; in a moment, you will reel in a wave of (commonly) 30 Pokémon (most likely Magikarp) to fight and, perhaps, capture. The same applies to the Good Rod, in that you have to use the Z and Spacebar interaction keys while facing a body of water to reel in a wave of fish. Assumingly, the Good Rod will fish you up waves of Goldeen, Tentacool, and Shellder. Additionally, it is possible that the evolved forms of each respective Pokémon (Seaking, Tentacruel, and Cloyster) may appear during the waves of the Goldeen, Tentacool, and Shellder.

The Past

New Bark Town (From the past)

You will see Gold and Silver together, Gold has a Typhlosion and Silver has a Feraligatr. They are preparing for the Pokémon World Tournament. All of the houses are open besides Silver's house.

Route 29 (From the past)

As you enter Route 29, a trainer with a Jumpluff Lv. 27 will underestimate you (or overestimate if you lose) and battle you. If you beat her, after the battle she will give you a large amount of pokédollars. You can rebattle her, but if you do, you will only get 1 pokédollar. This Route has the same Pokémon as the present, at the same level.

Route 46 (From the past)

There is also a trainer in this route that will battle you. He has a Primeape Lv. 30. Like the other trainer, he will give you Pokédollars If you beat him and one pokédollar if you beat him again in (This happens with all trainers). Like Route 29, the same Pokémon, at the same levels, appear here.

Cherrygrove City (From the past)

The trainer here is found at the beach to the left, is a young boy running with a girl, and has a Quagsire Lv. 27. You should hopefully discover that you are now capable of entering Pokémon Centers (red roof) and Poké Marts (blue roof) to either change the time of day (this helps to find different Pokémon at certain times at whatever area), and to buy goods such as Potions to help your Pokémon in battle, respectively. Speak to Nurse Joy inside a Pokémon Center to change the time of day. In the Poké Mart, you can buy a Potion for 50 Pokédollars, Paralyze heal for 25 Pokédollars, Antidote for 20 Pokédollars and Awakening for 25 Pokédollars. These items will remove status problems such as burns, sleep, poison, and paralyzing.

Route 30 (From the Past)

In Route 30 there are some houses which you can enter now. One of the houses belongs to Mr. Pokémon. There are three trainers. One of them has a Rattata Lv. 27. The another trainer at Route 30 has a Pidgeotto Lv. 27. The next trainer has Butterfree Lv. 27.

Route 31 (From the Past)

The trainers in this route have the same Pokémon as in the present. If you go the same way as in the present you will get to Violet City. The only trainer has a Beedrill Lv.27.

Violet City (From the Past)

This city with a gym is now full of trainers unlike in the present. As usual you can find the Pokémon Center and Poké Mart, but the Onix trade does not exist here (in the past). In the school, each schoolkid has an 1st-stage evolution of the starters - Bayleef, Quilava and Croconaw. In the gym, the first trainer has a Fearow and the second has a Pidgey and a Pidgeotto. Falkner has a Pidgeotto and a Pidgeot. Finally, in the Sprout Tower, each sage has a Bellsprout. The leader has 2 Bellsprout and 1 Noctowl, which uses an irritating reflection ability.

Ruin of Alph (From the Past)

This place is much the same as in the present. Unown appear there and a scientist would battle you with a Ditto Lv. 30.

Route 32 (From the Past)

Wild Pokémon appear as in the present. You could battle two youngsters and a fisherman here. The first youngster has a Nidoking Lv. 20, the second a Golbat Lv. 20 and the fisherman a Goldeen Lv. 20 and a Seaking Lv. 20. A Pokémon Center is located near the Union Cave.

Union Cave (From the Past)

A cave where Zubat appear and chase you around. A hiker challenges you with his Steelix Lv. 25 and a youngster would battle you with a Torkoal and a Luvdisc both Lv. 20. Another hiker on B/F has a Golem Lv. 40 and a Machamp Lv. 40.

Route 33 (From the Past)

It is a short route with only a hiker. He has a Geodude Lv. 20 and Machop Lv. 20. Go to wild battles, and you might expect some evolved forms of Pokémon to appear.

Azalea Town (From the Past)

Kurt does not make Pokéballs now. In the gym, the Bug Catcher has a Parasect Lv. 25, and the twins battle you with a Ledian and an Ariados Lv. 20 in a double battle. Finally, Bugsy has a Metapod Lv. 30, an Ariados Lv. 30 and a Scyther Lv. 30.

You could also visit the Slowpoke Well. Encounter wild Slowpoke, and it is the only way you could find a King's Rock.

Tip for training in this area: every once in a while, when you attack [Ariados], many Spinarak will pour onto the field; they provide decent experience when defeated, and if you have a Pokémon with an ability that hits multiple Pokémon (if possible, Fire, Flying, Psychic, or Rock), you can use them to gain large amounts of experience. Nifty tricks could be to use a Pokémon that has the skill Smokescreen and perhaps Flame Charge to speed up their attack rate, and then not only reduce enemy Pokémon accuracy, but also 'tag' them, per se, so that if defeated, the Pokémon who used Smokescreen would get high amounts of experience along with the Pokémon to do the defeating. Any skill that increases speed helps, seeing as the Spinarak reduce Pokémon attack speed, and increasing it makes your attack speed far higher. Such skills as Inferno, or the like, mixed with increased speed, can prove very devastating and great for wracking up experience points. Upon the defeat of Ariados, the Spinarak will stop appearing. The Scyther will prove the most challenging, as he moves so fast that your Pokémon may have a hard time attacking him or being able to keep up before being defeated first.

A relatively good idea is to use a Donphan, if possible, as he/she has moves very useful for this battle. For Scyther and most of the bug types/Bosses, use Rollout. For the Spinarak, use the Move Relearner to teach him/her Bulldoze to defeat multiple Spinarak at once. Fire Fang is also an option and Thunder Fang is available for Scyther, both through the Move Relearner.

Ilex Forest (From the Past)

Battle Farfetch'd Lv. 35 in the berry battle and you could get HM 1: Cut. A Bug Catcher at the exit battles you with a Ledian Lv. 25 and a Parasect Lv. 25.

Route 34 (From the Past)

A new area with new Pokémon like Drowzee , Ditto and Snubbull. After battling the girl's Granbull Lv. 30, Headbutt is given as a TM and you can now teach your Pokémon the skill. Let them hit trees and you could find wild Aipom, Pineco and Heracross.

Goldenrod City (From the Past)

The city is now occupied by Team Rocket Reborn. All facilities are locked and you have to battle Whitney first. She has a Miltank Lv. 40 and some Clefairies Lv. 20. Simply beware of Miltank's Rollout, drag your Pokémon away after she starts attacking (this can be identified by when you see a red circle around the target to be attacked). Be careful not to have your speed up too high, or at all, or else you may find it challenging to keep up with Miltank's attacks. Whitney will give you a TM: Attract.

After all go to the bike shop (southeast of the city) and battle the grunt. He has a Weezing Lv. 33 and an Arbok Lv. 33. Talk to the owner of the bike shop to get the bike. To use it, at the upper right-hand side of your screen, click 'Change to Bike'. Be aware that you may have to get off of the bike to get into buildings, but once in the bike may be used inside. Another grunt outside the Game Corner (directly behind the Pokémon Center) battles you with a Houndour Lv. 35, a Koffing Lv. 35 and a Houndoom Lv. 35. You can play Voltorb Flip, earn coins and exchange for items, Technical Machines (TM's) and Pokémon.

Finally go back to the center of the city where you find the Team Rocket Reborn executives. Talk to Whitney to start the battle. The executives first send out a Houndoom Lv. 42 at the center of the battle field. A number of Pokémon go around counter-clockwise in the following order:

The Houndoom sometimes uses Flamethrower from a distance until Murkrow is defeated. It then goes around and becomes vulnerable. If you can't wait that long, you can also attack the Houndoom when it is either facing up or down, with Pokémon that are right next to the NPCs that the Houndoom is facing.

After defeating them, a cut-scene starts where Giovanni shows up, telling the executives they are wasting their time and that he disbanded Team Rocket a year ago (proving he is still good at that point in time, ten years back). The purple haired and blue haired try to pick a fight, and the red haired try to tell them that they should leave, when, unexpectedly, Shadow Mewthree appears from what seems like a shadow version of a time portal. It knocks Giovanni away and tries to use its Shadow Capture on the player, only to be stopped by Shadow Lugia, who breaks out of the Shadow Capture. Giovanni, seeing he was saved by the Shadow Lugia, follows it, almost in a trance.

You now have access to Goldenrod City's Poké Mart, too...

Route 35 (From the Past)

Yanma is now available as wild Pokémon. A Bug Catcher battles you with a Drought Ninetales, an Arcanine, and a Magcargo.

National Park (From the Past)

Wild Scyther and Pinsir appear in the park. You can find a Bug Catcher with a Beedrill, a Butterfree, a Pinsir and a Scyther. Sunkern is only found in the morning.

Route 36 (From the Past)

A route with no trainers. You can catch Nidoran ♀, Nidoran ♂, Stantler and Growlithe; said Growlithe chase you around. You can also go back to the Ruins of Alph and Violet City. A Sudowoodo can be found. Make sure you catch it as it is the only wild appearance in the game. The Sudowoodo blocks the path to Route 37 at the upper area of Route 36, it isn't very obvious but is a small path through trees to the left of the sign signifying that Route 37 is north.

Route 37 (From the Past)

As in Route 36, Stantler, Growlithe and Nidoran ♂/Nidoran ♀ appear here. A youngster challenges you with a Venomoth and a Hypno. Growlithe & Vulpix ARE available in both versions.(note-the Vulpix are near the entrance to Ecruteak city and the Growlithe are near Goldenrod City.)

Ecruteak City (From the Past)

Some Shadow Pokémon appear around the city. At the center, Morty is wandering and thinking if Shadow Pokémon are ghosts as well. After a short dialogue, he wants to battle with you. Morty first uses 3 Gastly, one at a time, at the right, left and bottom. After beating the Gastly, he sends out his Gengar at the top. After a while (seems when Gengar has 2/3 HP left), Gengar creates shadow to heal itself. At the same time all your Pokémon are sent away from the field. Beat the shadows quickly to prevent the heal (and of course you can attack Gengar simultaneously). The shadows appear from time to time, so work accordingly and it should not be too difficult.

Upon defeat, Morty gives you a Technical Machines (TM's), Shadow Claw. Another Technical Machines (TM's), Dark Pulse, can be obtained behind Burned Tower (find your way behind the trees).

Note: Do NOT try to use the ability, Destiny Bond, on the Gengar. If the Pokémon who uses Destiny Bond on Gengar dies, there is a strong chance (not sure if there is absolutely any way around it) that the game will freeze. Try at your own risk, but if so I advise that the game be saved before the fight is started. I suppose the freezing might be Sam's way of attempting to prevent people from hacking the game, and 'one-hit knock-outing' the boss-Pokémon. I assume that similar effects might come of using Perish Song. Be aware that I had all Pokémon out at the time of using Destiny Bond, so that the fight should have continued on if there were more enemies to fight, seeing as 5/6 of my Pokémon remained alive. Perhaps this is simply a bug that Sam may fix eventually, and then permit the use of Destiny Bond on such similar boss Pokémon, without the subsequent crash. However, this is probably unlikely, or the effects of the skill may be adjusted to, for instance, only deal 1/4th of the boss Pokémon's health in damage, while still resulting in the death of the user of Destiny Bond/Perish Song.

Route 38 (From The Past)

There is a trainer who mentions mega-evolving (apparently he visited the Kalos region, a region of Pokémon X & Y, Generation VI), who has a level 45 Ampharos and a level 45 Golduck. During the day, in this area, there are MeowthMagnemite, Farfetch'dTauros, and Miltank, while during the night there are only Meowth and Magnemite.

Route 39 (From The Past)

This route is similar to Route 38, except that the trainer wonders about the appearance of Meowth. He has a Drizzle Poliwrath, a Kingler and a Raticate.

Olivine City (From The Past)

When you first arrive the city, there is a cutscene featuring the two mascots, Shadow-Lugia and Ho-oh. While Shadow-Lugia hopes Ho-Oh will help get rid of the shadow, it actually defeats Ho-Oh and flees.

Then, in Olivine City, the fifth city with a gym, you will find Jasmine, the Steel-type Gym Leader of Olivine City, and Chuck, the Fighting-type Gym Leader of Cianwood City. Talk to either of them, and you will have to defeat both gym leaders in one battle to move on to the next part of the story. Pokémon appear in the following order:

  1. Hitmonlee (left)
  2. Primeape (left)
  3. Magneton (right)
  4. Mawile (right)
  5. Hitmonchan (left) & Metagross (right)

Chuck's Hitmonchan (left-invulnerable)

  1. Hitmontop (left)
  2. Conkeldurr (left)
  3. Steelix (right)
  4. Lucario (right)
  5. Poliwrath (left) & Empoleon (right)

Jasmine's Steelix (right-invulnerable)

  1. Hitmonlee (left)
  2. Hitmontop (left)
  3. Magneton (right)
  4. Klinklang (right)
  5. Primeape (left) & Metagross (right)
  6. Chuck's Hitmonchan (left)
  7. Jasmine's Steelix (right)

Supposedly, it can help to have Pokémon with the ability Whirlwind, as the invulnerable Pokémon are only invulnerable for a short time; after being pushed back to the entrance from the end of the path (in their attempts at stealing the Rare Candy), their invulnerability should fade and you should be able to resume fighting them. In this case, it may help to have two Pidgeot with the Whirlwind ability, or some other Pokémon wielding a similar ability. One Pokémon would be on the left path, and the other Pokémon on the right path. The other 4 Pokémon could either be moved back and fourth between paths, or if possible, divided between the two paths; two Pokémon would fight on the left path, and 2 on the right. Pausing wave by wave to ready your Pokémon can help a lot since they are coming along fast.

Sam has reduced the challenge of this fight, but only that Pokémon use Protect at a later time (around 1 second after it used to be). This enables Pokémon to be slowed by using moves like Thunder Wave and Bulldoze, though Hitmonlee cannot be paralyzed. You may also want to use Feint to lift the Protect, but beware of Hitmonlee and Hitmontop which carry Counter as well which can easily take out Feint-users like Scyther and Scizor if you let Scizor keep attacking.

After defeating both of them, you are given the Technical Machines (TM's): Focus Punch by Chuck, and Iron Tail by Jasmine.

Silver appears after the battle, at the top of town. He'll give you Hidden Machine (HM): Surf, then vanish when you leave.                                                              

Route 42 (From the Past)

On the right side of Ecruteck City, there is an exit that allows you to enter Route 42. There are varius wild Pokémon, and a man asking if you have a Pikablu (enter it in the mystery gift code box and you get Marill). After going through the cave (Mt Mortar), or getting across using surf, there is a guy next to the NEXT exit, who asks if you have surf. Seeing that you do have it, he says you can pass.

Mahogany Town (From the Past)

Pryce the Gym Leader and his Pokémon are at the centre of Mahogany Town. Talk to him and he will challenge you. Pokémon appear in the following order:

  1. Swinub & 1 Piloswine
  2. Swinub & 1 Piloswine
  3. Swinub & 1 Piloswine
  4. Seel & 1 Dewgong
  5. Seel & 1 Dewgong
  6. Seel & 1 Dewgong
  7. Lapras
  8. Walrein
  9. 1 Piloswine & Swinub
  10. 1 Dewgong & Seel
  11. 1 Piloswine & Swinub
  12. 1 Dewgong & Seel
  13. Piloswine
  14. Dewgong

Note that Piloswine uses Hail when it comes. The weather damage can take out non-Ice type Pokémon even they are at high levels. You may want to change the weather status via abilities like Sandstream and moves such as Rain Dance (Or Kyogre's Drizzle Ability) Sunny Day (Or Groudon's Drought Ability) to boost the Water and Fire type moves against the Piloswine. Cloud Nine and/or Air Lock are also useful since the cooldown of weather moves are quite long unless you have Pokémon with weather changing Abilities. Bring one or two Electric-type Pokémon as well. Since they'll hit most of Pryce's Pokémon.

The path is quite long and there are a number of Rare Candies to spare. Therefore it is possible not bringing a Whirlwind or Roar user. (Abbozto can't add a photo for unknown reason, if someone downloads it here and adds to this article he'll be grateful.)

Defeating Pryce will reward you the two TMs: Hail and Icy Wind.

Dragon's Den

For the last gym leader use four Krabby with Guillotine and Protect. Surround the Pokémon and use protect, then pause the game and change their move slots to Guillotine. Make sure your Krabby are above level 75.

The first Pokémon she sends out is a Gyarados in the middle, with Magikarp trying to get the candies. Next is a Charizard with Charmeleon trying to get the candies. Third is Kingdra with Seadra trying to get the candies. Last but not least, Draginite with Dragonair trying to get the candies. Be warned- Magikarp go fast after getting the candies, and Seadra and Dragonair go fast once they get to your first Pokémon. Due to sheer cold she will be defeated in a second.

The World Tournament

After you obtain the final Gym Badge, Professor Elm appears in town, ready to take you to the World Tournement. There are special rules for each round, and each of their Pokémon are Level 101 and up, thus making it impossible to One-Hit KO them unless you recieved a Level 110 Pokémon somehow beforehand. The first round is against Wattson, an Electric-Type Gym Leader in Hoenn, the rule of that round being 'each of your Pokémon must be of a common type'. The next round is against Roark, a Rock-Type Gym Leader in Sinnoh, with his round's rule being that 'the Pokémon you use cannot have a move strong against rock types'. After that is Cilan, a Grass-Type Gym Leader in Unova, Round Three's rule being that you are only allowed to bring out three Pokémon.

World Tournament Strategies

Round 1: Wattson - Use five Xatu with Stored Power, Tailwind and Ominous Wind, as well as a Celebi with Ancient Power and Baton Pass. Have three Xatu use Tailwind, then quickly switch over to Ominous Wind, and use Celebi's Ancient Power. This should get a couple of the stats up, once a Pokémon has all five stats up by six level, switch over to Stored Power. If Celebi has all five stats up, use Baton Pass.

Round 2: Roark - Used the same strategy as above, but with an additional Xerneas with Geomancy and Moonblast instead of a Xatu, (Just use Xatu if you don't have a Xerneas) Roark has gotten easier from Sam updating the game so much. It doesn't matter if Celebi has any grass moves because a move like solar beam will be useful against rhyperior since grass moves do 4x damage against it. . Also, make sure Celebi is back up to all five stats up to 6 before the Omastar come, because they will take away your stats. Just take the Celebi out before the Omastar come and after it has completely upgraded stats.

Round 3: Cilan - Again, use Celebi, albeit along with two Pokémon with Fire Blast. Cilan should be fairly easy unless Sam enhances him like he did to Roark.

Level 110!

Professor Elm has made a new discovery: Pokémon can now level up to 110! You are only able to level your Pokémon to 110 if you have beaten Cilan in the World Tournament (You can get over Level 100 Pokémon through means of trading, but you can't increase their experience if you haven't defeated Cilan). At 110, all types gain an exclusive move (Except for the following and Draco Meteor) such as Grass-Type Frenzy Plant, Fire-Type Blast Burn, Water-Type Hydro Cannon! (Dual-Type Pokémon learn two Level 110-custom moves). Make sure you level up your Pokémon to 110 before facing the ultimate opponent in the Tournament, Darkness!

Saving the World

After you defeat Darkness, Celebi arrives and informs you that it had attempted many times to keep Silver alive, but failed them all. You suggest to travel to the present and face off against Shadow Mewthree and its clones yourself.

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