Pallet Town
Icon for the level
Previous level Cinnabar Gym
Next level Viridian City
Objective Training
Exp Rate x2
Money Rate x1

Pallet Town is the 34th level in PTD 1.


The level starts with you, Maruto and Joey talking to Blaine. After a brief conversation, you get the Volcano Badge and head back to Pallet Town. When you get there you wonder why nobody is around, then decide to do some training.

After you beat the level, Joey says you need to head to Viridian City.



Spots: 10 (1 Water Only)

Waves: 60


Pokémon Level Move Used
020Raticate2Raticate 85-88 -
060Poliwag2Poliwag 85-88 Water Sport
072Tentacool2Tentacool 85-88 -
090Shellder2Shellder 85-88 -
114Tangela2Tangela 85-88 -
116Horsea2Horsea 85-88 -
118Goldeen2Goldeen 85-88 -
120Staryu2Staryu 85-88 -
129Magikarp2Magikarp 85-88 -


  • This is one of the four levels with the most waves in PTD, tied with Route 15, Safari Zone, and Route 19.
  • For some reason, this level plays the music used in Gym Battles, but there is no Gym Leader to battle, nor is there any Boss Pokémon to defeat.


  • If you Roar, Whirlwind, or Dragon Tail a wild Pokémon when it has just turned the last corner (before leaving the screen), the Pokémon will turn back but return walking over the trees instead of the normal path.

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