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Pewter Gym
Pewter Gym Official Icon
Icon for the Level
Previous level Viridian Forest 1
Next level Route 3
Objective Defend Team Rocket's Pokéballs against Brock's Pokémon and save Joey from the Beedrill that captured him in the previous level.
Money Rate x1

The 5th level of PTD 1 and the final level in Chapter 1. In this level, Mewtwo is seen talking with you. He then teleports you to the Pewter Gym where Mewtwo had kept the Pokéballs from Jessie, James, and Brock. He then disappears, forcing you into a battle. You must defeat Brock's Pokémon and save Joey from the Beedrill that captured him in the previous level. After the battle, Brock's Onix uses Rock Throw. When he uses the move, you must remove all of your Pokémon from the field to prevent them from fainting, only to replace them when Brock sends in his Onix.


Pewter gym
  • Waves: 10
  • Spots: 13
  • Objective: Defend 6 Pokéballs


Boss Level Wave
027Sandshrew2Sandshrew 11 1-9
074Geodude2Geodude 12 1-9
095Onix2Onix 14 10


  • When Mewtwo teleports in, there are seven Pokéballs, however, you only defend 6.
  • Sometimes, if you put your Pokémon on the field when the rocks are still on it, they will disappear.
  • In a past version of PTD 1, Team Rocket would see your starter Pokémon and steal it.


You will need to train to get a Wartortle before attempting this level, but it is not hard. Then the rest of your trusty Pokemon will do the job. I also played Viridian Forest 1 many times to get a Pikachu, but he is not needed because of Rock types resistance to electric types.

My team:

Lvl 16 Wartortle

Lvl 14 Rattata

Lvl 15 Pidgey

Lvl 13 Beedrill

Lvl 10 Pikachu (not needed)

Challenge Mode

There is also a challenge level of the same name where you need to protect one Pokéball from four Onix. The reward is a Shiny Geodude, and you may only use the five Pokémon given at the start of the level, not your team.

Pewter challenge

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