Pewter Gym (Challenge Level)
PTD Challenge Level - Pewter Gym
Icon for the level
Next level Old Rod (Challenge Level)
Objective Defend the Pokéball against four Onix
Money Rate x0

This level is different than the 1st Pewter Gym. It has a different layout, and the only pokemon there are is 4 Onix. Also you are given 5 pokemon to use in this challenge. If you successfully defeat the 4 Onix, you will recieve a Shiny Geodude.==


For this challenge, you may only use the Pokémon given to you. Using the following five Pokémon, you must defend a Pokéball from four attacking Onix.

Challenge Pokémon
Pokémon Known Moves
019Rattata2Rattata Tail Whip, Quick Attack
011Metapod2Metapod Harden, String Shot
016Pidgey2Pidgey Tackle, Sand Attack
014Kakuna2Kakuna Harden, String Shot
004Charmander2Charmander Scratch, Ember


Afbeelding 21

Pewter City Gym Challenge Level

To beat this challenge, you will need to put both Metapod and Kakuna on both sides of a lane and set them to use String Shot. Drop every other Pokémon with all their damaging moves and set Charmander to use Ember. After this wait until an Onix grabs the Pokéball and immediately change all the Pokémon to that lane and focus it down. The rest should just be taking down each Onix as they come to take the Poké Ball. With the Kakuna and Metapod slowing the Onix, the rest of your Pokémon should destroy them.


Set Pidgey on Sand-Attack to make Onix drop the Pokéball, reduce Onix's Defense and Speed with Kakuna/Metapod and Rattata. Use Charmander as your main force of attack. Recommended:

  • Charmander: Ember
  • Kakuna and Metapod: String Shot
    Pokemon Tower Defense Pewter Gym Challenge01:50

    Pokemon Tower Defense Pewter Gym Challenge

  • Pidgey: Sand Attack and Tackle
  • Rattata: Quick Attack


Receive a shiny Geodude from Brock.

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