Poison Jab
Poison-Type Physical
15px-P.png 80 15px-C.png 18
Accuracy 100%
Poison Chance 30%
Poison Power 40
The target is stabbed with a tentacle or arm steeped in poison. It may also poison the target.

Learned By

By Level Up

015Beedrill2Beedrill: Lv 37 032Nidoran2Nidoran ♂: Lv 37 033Nidorino2Nidorino: Lv 43
034Nidoking2Nidoking: Lv 46 072Tentacool2Tentacool: Lv 36 073Tentacruel2Tentacruel: Lv 38

By Using Move Tutor

078Rapidash2Rapidash: Lv 0 083Farfetchd2Farfetch'd: Lv 0 119Seaking2Seaking: Lv 0

By Using TM

015Beedrill2 023Ekans2 024Arbok2 027Sandshrew2 028Sandslash2 029Nidoran2 030Nidorina2 031Nidoqueen2 032Nidoran2 033Nidorino2
034Nidoking2 056Mankey2 057Primeape2 072Tentacool2 073Tentacruel2 078Rapidash2 083Farfetchd2 088Grimer2 089Muk2 091Cloyster2
093Haunter2 094Gengar2 106Hitmonlee2 111Rhyhorn2 112Rhydon2 118Goldeen2 119Seaking2 150Mewtwo2 151Mew2 000Missingno.2

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