Poké Tower 1
Icon for the Level
Previous level Team Rocket Hideout
Next level Poké Tower 2
Money Rate x2


Sam gets the Silph Scopes ready for both you and Joey. The two of you have many questions and request for him but he has something else to do. He thanks you for you guys' help and the two of you head back to Lavender Town, where you are to scale the Pokémon Tower.


Poke Tower 1 Layout

Waves: 30

Spots: 22

Defending: Rare Candy (15)

Catchable Pokémon
Pokémon Level Move Used
092Gastly2Gastly 40 Hypnosis
104Cubone2Cubone 40 Leer
Boss Pokémon


Move Used
092Gastly2Gastly Hypnosis
093Haunter2Haunter Confuse Ray
094Gengar2Gengar Dream Eater
104Cubone2Cubone Leer
105Marowak2Marowak False Swipe

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