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Poke Tower 2
Icon for the Level
Previous level Pokemon Tower 1
Next level Route 12
Objective Protect Maruto.
Money Rate x2


You and Joey reach the top of the Pokémon Tower and find both Maruto and a giant Snorlax. The giant Snorlax, being haunted by the effects of Dream Eater by Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar, wakes up in a massive rage. You have to protect Maruto from Marowak, Cubone, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar and Snorlax. You get help from Joey's Pikachu, which uses Thunder Wave. The Pokémon Tower in PTD is home to wild Snorlax and is the only place to catch one, appearing catchable on the left side of the level only 0.1% of the time.


Poke Tower 2 Layout

Waves: 10

Spots: 12 (1 Taken)

Defending: Maruto


Ok so this is actually a VERY easy level to beat wrapped up in a Gym Leader like exterior.

The MOST important Pokemon you will need for this level is Fearow of any level with Mirror Move. Put him on the closest tower slot to Snorlax. He will keep Snorlax asleep forever, since Snorlax uses Yawn.

Put everyone else on the other slot to take out the ten waves of ghost pokemon (and the VERY RARE Snorlax). For my playthrough I ran

Raichu with Thunderbolt

Ninetails with Roar in the back

Venusaur with Solar Beam

Gengar with Dark Pulse

Poliwrath with Hypnosis in the middle

or pretty much any Pokemon that could do some damage to Ghost types

After you have defeated all the waves of ghost types, move all the pokemon over and KEEP FEAROW WITH MIRROR MOVE, but move the pokemon you want to have experience the most and use a strong damaging attack(I used Poliwrath with Focus Punch)

Hope this helps!



Left Side Level Move Used Right Side Level Move Used
092Gastly2Gastly Boss Hypnosis 143Snorlax2Snorlax Boss (63) Yawn
093Haunter2Haunter Boss Confuse Ray
094Gengar2Gengar Boss Dream Eater
104Cubone2Cubone Boss Leer
105Marowak2Marowak Boss False Swipe
143Snorlax2Snorlax 40 Tackle

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