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The Pokédex is a new feature in PTD as of version 2.8. It keeps track of Pokémon you've seen and achievements you've unlocked. You must save your PTD profile online to use this feature. A Pokédex is awarded after completion of Mt. Moon (Challenge Level).If you complete a selection of a pokemon,you would see 3 pokeballs, a normal red and white one, a yellow one and a violet one. This will show whether you once owned a specific pokemon or not.


The message that appears before you receive the Pokedéx from Professor Oak.


This option lets you view your achievements and how you can complete them. More detailed explanations of achievements can be found here.

List of Achievements

Shiny Hunter 1: Find all the following shiny Pokémon in the wild.

Rattata, Pidgey, Geodude, Zubat

Prize: Shiny Onix

Star wars: Defeat a Starmie in the Cerulean Gym 1 level.

Prize: Shiny Staryu

No Advantage: Defeat the Cerulean Gym 1 level without using Electric or Grass type Pokémon.

Prize: Shiny Tentacool

Win without wind: Defeat the Vermillion Gym (Challenge Level) without the move Whirlwind.

Prize: Entei Avatar Hat

Needs more candy: Defeat the Vermillion Gym (Challenge Level) with more than 1 candy left.

Prize: Suicune Avatar Hat

The Hard way: Defeat Saffron Dojo story level beating the 4th path first, and with your team at level 70 or lower.

Prize: Surprise Shiny Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan (Acording to the one you chose)

Pewter Challenge: Defeat Pewter Gym with Pokémon level 10 or less and without losing any candy.

Prize: Shadow Onix

Cerulean Challenge: Defeat Cerulean Gym 1 with Pokémon level 30 or less and without losing any candy.

Prize: Shadow Staryu

Vermillion Challenge: Defeat Vermillion Gym with Pokémon level 50 or less and without losing any candy.

Prize: Shadow Voltorb

Celadon Challenge: Defeat Celadon Gym with Pokémon level 60 or less and without losing any candy.

Prize: Shadow Oddish

Saffron Challenge: Defeat Saffron City with Pokémon level 64 or less.

Prize: Shadow Abra

Fuchsia Challenge: Defeat Fuchsia Gym with Pokémon level 80 or less and without any Poison or Steel types.

Prize: Shadow Grimer

Cinnabar Challenge: Defeat Cinnabar Gym with Pokémon level 90 or less and without losing any candy.

Prize: Shadow Magmar

Viridian Challenge: Defeat Viridian Gym while not defeating at least 3 enemy from waves 2 to 7.

Prize: Shadow Squirtle


This option lets you view all of your owned Pokémon, even if you have since traded them away. NOTE: When you have an evolved Pokémon but didn't own it's pre-evolution, it will be automaticly added into your collection.

Pokemon arranged in the first page of the Pokédex.
Bulbasaur Metapod Spearow Nidoqueen
Ivysaur Butterfree Fearow Nidoran M
Venusaur Weedle Ekans Nidorino
Charmander Kakuna Arbok Nidoking
Charmeleon Beedrill Pikachu Clefairy
Charizard Pidgey Raichu Clefable
Squirtle Pidgeotto Sandshrew Vulpix
Wartortle Pidgeot Sandslash Ninetales
Blastoise Rattata Nidoran F Jigglypuff
Caterpie Raticate Nidorina Wigglytuff

Pokemon arranged in the second page of the Pokédex.
Zubat Dugtrio Poliwhirl Victreebel
Golbat Meowth Poliwrath Tentacool
Oddish Persian Abra Tentacruel
Gloom Psyduck Kadabra Geodude
Vileplume Golduck Alakazam Graveler
Paras Mankey Machop Golem
Parasect Primeape Machoke Ponyta
Venonat Growlithe Machamp Rapidash
Venomoth Arcanine Bellsprout Slowpoke
Diglett Poliwag Weepinbell Slowbro

Pokemon arranged in the third page of the Pokédex.
Magnemite Cloyster Electrode Rhyhorn
Magneton Gastly Exeggcute Rhydon
Farfetch'd Haunter Exeggutor Chansey
Doduo Gengar Cubone Tangela
Dodrio Onix Marowak Kangaskhan
Seel Drowzee Hitmonlee Horsea
Dewgong Hypno Hitmonchan Seadra
Grimer Krabby Lickitung Goldeen
Muk Kingler Koffing Seaking
Shellder Voltorb Weezing Staryu

Pokemon arranged in the fourth page of the Pokédex.
Starmie Lapras Kabutops Mew
Mr. Mime Ditto Aerodactyl ---
Scyther Eevee Snorlax ---
Jynx Vaporeon Articuno ---
Electabuzz Jolteon Zapdos ---
Magmar Flareon Moltres ---
Pinsir Porygon Dratini ---
Tauros Omanyte Dragonair ---
Magikarp Omastar Dragonite ---
Gyarados Kabuto Mewtwo ---

These are other Pokémon that are not in the Pokédex

Suicune Raikou Entei Kyogre
Groudon Celebi Victini Missingno.

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