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The Pokémart is the place where a player can buy various items for use in-game. They currently sell Evolution Stones.

Evolution Stones

An Evolution Stone is a powerful object which can trigger an evolution in certain Pokemon. The evolved form will be stronger than its previous form but will learn attacks at a later level. A Pokemon that evolves with a stone can evolve at any level. Stones currently cost 10,000 pokedollars.

Moon-StoneMoon Stone

Leaf-StoneLeaf Stone

Thunder-StoneThunder Stone

Water-StoneWater Stone

Fire-StoneFire Stone

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  • i bought a fire stone how do i use it

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    • select the pokemon u want then choose: use item,( if u have 1!) and pick it !!!
    • for ptd 2 equipt the item when u go to the screen that has all ur pokemon and equipt the fire stone to it then enter a battle and itll evolve

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