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The Pokémon Center is an area where you can trade with other trainers, purchase items and get daily gifts. It can be accessed via Sam and Dan's blog, the "Trading" button on the game menu and the "Inventory" button on the game menu.

There is also a warning to log out of Pokémon Tower Defense as it might corrupt data--if you open the Pokémon Center while playing PTD, the game will be unable to save.


Pokémon Adoption

In Pokémon Adoption you can purchase shiny Pokémon, ready to battle Pokémon, and the Legendary Dogs (Raikou, Entei and Suicune) using SnD Coins.

Avatar Store

In the Avatar Store you can buy different avatars using your SnD Coins.

Daily Gift

Once a day, you can participate and try to win rare prizes.


Check your items and change your avatar for this profile.

Game Corner

Play the slots to earn rare Pokémon with a chance for them to be shiny.

Create Trade

Go here to select one of your Pokémon and put them up for trade. Other players will be able to request trades for your Pokémon. Once you put your Pokémon to trade, you will not be able to use him in your game unless you call him back.

Your Trade Request

Go here to see if anybody has requested a trade with you or if any of your request have been accepted. You can also call back your Pokémon if you don't wish to trade it anymore.

Search Trade

Go here to search for trades that other players have posted.

Remove Hacked Tag

Go here to remove the Hacked Tag from your Pokémon. The tag may be removed using 1 SnD Coin or 500,000 Casino Coins. 10 SnD Coins will allow you to remove the tag from all your Pokémon at once.

Elite 4 Black Screen Fix

Go here if your screen is going black when beating the Elite 4, this will unlock the champion level for you.

Transfer to PTD2

​Transfer pokemon of Pokemon Tower Defense to Pokemon Tower Defence 2 in the Alpha v1.47.2

Adopt Now (PTD2 Exclusive)

Here, you are able to adopt pokemon for snd coins that other trainers have put up for trade.


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