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The first version of Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations, alpha version 1.19.9.
Ari AwesomeAdded by Ari Awesome

This is the sequel to PTD. It was created on July 25th, 2012, but the story mode was not in place until over a month later. Instead, a mode used in only one level in the prequel, called 1v1 Mode, was used. Currently, Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations is on Alpha Version 1.47.2, with fishing and corsola being released.

New Features

  •  Day/Night System
  •  You can use arrow keys to move around, exploring the map instead of just clicking a level and fighting like in Pokemon Tower Defense
  •  You can see the wild Pokémon walking around before you battle them, when you run into a wild pokémon walking around, there are 31 of that pokémon that will then come out the left side of the screen
  • Held Items
  • Breeding
  • First Pokémon in party follows you around like in the real HeartGold/SoulSilver versions of Pokémon
  • Transfering Pokémon from Pokemon Tower Defense to Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations, there is a link in the Pokemon Tower Defense Pokémon Center that allows you to do this, it says Transfer to PTD2!
  • Fishing
  • Running shoes
  • Level cap is 100
  • PokeResearcher


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