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The first Story Mode version of PTD 2, Alpha v1.19.9

This is the sequel to PTD 1. It was released on July 24, 2012, but its Story Mode wasn't in place until around September that year. Instead, a mode used in only one level in the prequel, called 1v1 Mode, was used. Currently, PTD 2 is on Alpha v1.75, with the third Gym Challenge Mode level being released. With the Story Mode being finished at this point, Sam still has nearly 150 Pokémon to add into the game from other generations.

PTD 2 Features

  •  Day/Night System: Sentret can be found in the daytime and Hoothoot can be found in the nighttime, just like the real games, but the game's clock is not your real time, and you can change the time by going to a Pokémon Center in the past.

  •  You use arrow keys or WASD to move around, and get to explore the map instead of just clicking on a level and fighting Pokémon like in PTD 1.

  •  You can see the wild Pokémon walking around before you battle them, when you run into a wild Pokémon while walking around, there will be 30 of that Pokémon that will then come out on the left side of the screen, later in the game, you can also find its evolved form(s) in the waves but at slim odds.

  • Held Items

  • First Pokémon in your party follows you around like in the real HeartGold/SoulSilver versions of Pokémon.

  • Transfering Pokémon from PTD 1 to PTD 2: There is a link in the PTD 1 Pokémon Center that allows you to trade your PTD 1 Pokémon to PTD 2.

  • Fishing

  • Running Shoes/Bicycle: The Running Shoes make you go faster than you normally do in the game. They can be acquired in Cherrygrove City in the present. The Bicycle, however, makes you go super fast when equipped. It can be received in Goldenrod City.

  • Level Cap is 100

  • PokéResearcher: A mode that allows you to play as Professor Elm on Route 29 and place Pokémon down. You have about 2

  • Adopt Now Feature: In the PTD 2 Pokémon Center, you can put a Pokémon up for trade for SnD Coins, choosing from 1 to 20, but it may take days or weeks for someone to buy your Pokémon, even if it is a rare Shiny or Shadow Pokémon.

  • Get to level up to level 110: Once you have beaten three out of four of the World Tournament rounds, you will get to level up your Pokémon to level 110 in PTD 2, in which you originally cannot do in the original Pokémon games and is very helpful since you learn a special move at level 110 and you will get to hit every Pokémon with OHKO moves, except for the Pokémon in the final boss battle with Darkness, which are level 111.

  • Convert to Shiny: An amazing feature in the PTD 2 Pokémon Center, this is a feature where you can spend 10 SnD Coins or 800 Daily Coins to convert a Pokémon to Shiny. Also, Sam added Shiny Victini and Shiny Glaceon into the game due to the feature but the only way to get them Shiny is to convert or trade.

  • Hall of Fame: Another cool feature in the PTD 2 Pokémon Center, here you can submit your collections of Normal, Shiny, and Shadow Pokémon. They will be posted to the public and all the Pokémon submitted will get a Hall of Fame ribbon. You can also get some cool legendary Pokémon prizes for the more Pokémon you submit. Can you catch them all?!

  • The Deevolution Chamber: In the PTD 2 Pokémon Center, you can deevolve your Pokémon for 15 Daily Coins so you can add some evolution stages you might've missed out to your Hall of Fame. It also works on legendaries, in addition to Alpha v1.71.

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