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The first version of Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations, alpha version 1.19.9.

This is the sequel to PTD. It was created on July 25th, 2012, but the story mode was not in place until over a month later. Instead, a mode used in only one level in the prequel, called 1v1 Mode, was used. Currently, Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations is on Alpha Version 1.47.2, with fishing and corsola being released.

New Features

  •  Day/Night System
  •  You can use arrow keys to move around, exploring the map instead of just clicking a level and fighting like in Pokemon Tower Defense
  •  You can see the wild Pokémon walking around before you battle them, when you run into a wild pokémon walking around, there are 31 of that pokémon that will then come out the left side of the screen
  • Held Items
  • Breeding
  • First Pokémon in party follows you around like in the real HeartGold/SoulSilver versions of Pokémon
  • Transfering Pokémon from Pokemon Tower Defense to Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations, there is a link in the Pokemon Tower Defense Pokémon Center that allows you to do this, it says Transfer to PTD2!
  • Fishing
  • Running shoes
  • Level cap is 100
  • PokeResearcher


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