Round 2 : VS Rock Type Trainer Roark

Battle Rule: 

  • None of your attacks can be super effective against Rock types (Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, & Water type attacks are prohibited! The rules have been canceled to make it easier by sam)

New Attacks (100%)

    • Blocking Rocks (100%) - Every once in a while Rocks that block the enemy from crossing fall from the sky. These rocks can only be broken by the enemy. Each time an enemy hits it they damage the rock slighty, they gain increased hp and are healed for full.
    • Onix's Tunnels (100%) Onix will create tunnels under the battle field that other enemies and itself can use to bypass part of the level. These tunnels can be destroyed.
    • Sudowoodo's Tower Mimic (100%) - Sudowoodo will impersonate a tower and take valuable spots from you until you chase them off.
    • Probopass's Life Beam (100%) - Probopass shoots an energy beam that give life back to enemies that it hits and deals damage to your towers and restores it to itself.
    • Rhyperior's Rock Wrecker (100%) - Rhyperior will create a giant rock which is then split by all the towers that are on the field. For every tower on the field the damage is reduced. If no tower is on the map he will eat the rock. Eating it will increase it's speed, defense and special defense by two levels. Rhyperior will also toss any geodude it finds to a random lane in the map. Rhyperior can shoot out geodudes to different spots in the map, it can also shoot rocks at your towers.
    • Rampardos' Destruction Head (100%) - Rampardos will occasionally target at tower and after a short while will charge with all his might. If it hits your tower it will automatically faint it. This attack also hits anything else in the field. Each thing that it hits will have a different reaction to being hit.
    • Your Towers (100%) - If your towers are in the way of Rampardo's charge they will get hit by their total health. Essentially fainting it on contact.
    • Geodude (100%) - Getting hit by Rampardos polishes Geodude increasing it's speed. Chunks of it's body are removed so his Defense goes down. Geodude is also launched to a random place on the map.
    • Rhyperior (100%) - Getting hit startles Rhyperior causing his speed to go down by two levels and his defense to go up by two levels. He is launched to a random place on the map.
    • Onix (100%) - Getting hit by Rampardos polishes Onix increasing it's speed by two levels. Chunks of it's body are removed so his Defense goes down by two level. Onix is also launched to a random place on the map.
    • Boulder (100%) - Rampardos can quickly dispatch these huge boulder in one hit.
    • Sudowoodo (100%) -  Sudowoodo cleverly sways back and forth avoiding the attack, it has no effect on him.
    • Resurrection (100%) - If Probopass's Life Beam hits an Onix Tunnel it will resurrect fossil Pokémon found inside the tunnels and they will come out of the tunnel.
    • Rampardos' Tunnel Rescue (100%) - If Rampardos goes into the tunnel it will come out with Pokémon that it found in the tunnel. It will also do it's Destruction Head to a random tower if there is one available.
    • Larvitar's Appetite (100%) - If Larvitar hits the giant boulder it will eat half of it, evolve and gain a substancial HP boost in the process. Larvitar will eat any rock that it can get it's hands on. Eating enough will make it evolve.


Coming Soon

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